Victorian Taxidermy

G White of Salisbury

G White of Salisbury

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G White of Salisbury 1870's onwards

White's cases are distinctive in their abstract. Unlike Spicer and Gunn where they tended to go for a true representation of the groundwork. The cases tend to be more stylised with a subtle abstract watercolour wash to the rear of the case and well executed groundwork. Simulated clouds similar to that used by Cooper are normally incorporated into the cases also. His cases tend to be 3 sided glass in construction. The sides of the cases were nearly always taped also, rather then using perhaps wooden beading. We have however also encountered pictureframe cases, the Golden Plover being an example of this style of casework. The taxidermy is always well observed, very much in the style of Farren and Chalkley of Winchester. White also like many regional taxidermists tended to concentrate on locally sourced specimens.

Pair of European Honey Buzzards by White of Salisbury. This is a Victorian case..

Elegant trade label by White of Salisbury.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers by White of Salisbury.

Lady Amherst Pheasant by White of Salisbury.

Ptarmigan by White of Salisbury.

Green Woodpeckers by White of Salisbury.

Pair of European Jays by White of Salisbury. This is a Victorian case..

European Rabbit by White of Salisbury.

We have however seen Badgers and a Rabbit as per the images represented here. also, confirming perhaps the locally sourced nature of the specimens he used.

European Female Goldeneye and Grey Phalarope by White of Salisbury.

Golden Plover by White of Salisbury.

European Heron by White of Salisbury.

Badgers by White of Salisbury. Victorian case

Ring Necked Pheasants by White of Salisbury. Victorian case, with amazing attention to detail in creating the copy of a Silver Birch tree.

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