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We have decided to continue with this page as it provides an invaluable guide to current UK taxidermy prices. It is by no means a complete list but it does provide market trends and perhaps realistic expectations. The price list for want of a better word started life back in 2003 so soon will be 10 years of data. We hope you enjoy it.

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Sothebys catelogue dated 1970.

European Kingfishers by Allder of Newbury 1970 auction image. Note the mothed Pheasant below. Both cases had an estimate in 1970 of 50-100, which by todays standards was staggeringly expensive. This rubbish fetches the same today, perhaps a little more for the Kingfishers.

European Badger 1970 auction image. Cases had an estimate in 1970 of 50-100.

European Fox 1970 auction image. Cases had an estimate in 1970 of 50-100.

The main aim of the entire website is to both educate and the buy good qulaity Victorian and Edwardian taxidermy. Modern items will always also be considered but they items must be legally obtained and the work undertaken by Taxidermy Guild Members. With regards to Cities species they also must have the appropriate documentation also.

Taxidermy Case Values from 2003-Present of essentially british historical taxidermy

Some interesting vlaues which as time goes on may serve as a barometer to future swings in this market. This information was compiled from discussions with taxidermy collectors, auction house data and the public sale of items on Ebay. The information was also compiled between 2003-present. Interestingly enough for those who perhaps view this collecting as an investment, in 2003 the average price per case was £860, whereas today the picture is somewhat different. The trend alas is still downward, recent high value cases have done nothing to alter this trend. Add to that the credit crunch and we anticipate that prices shall drop further.

Some 1764 cases, that we are aware of have sold, totaling £846,495.32 giving an average cost per case sold of £478.87 Just update the pricing, we were expecting a massive hike in the average price with the recent sale of a large number of James Hutchings cases (Bonhams 2007) but this only increased the average case price by 22.00. Therefore the trend is still downwards. The diagram below contains a selection of taxidermy recently sold within the last 4 years. They are in no particular order of quality and or style, but this is the most recent data publically available, so it is current. The recent Bonhams sale 15th January 2008, some of the items have been included in this list have reduced the "mean" average for the case price lower still. Some items made above the expected estimate but most struggled. Since the demise of The Victorian Taxidermy Company, prices have fallen by half roughly.

In 1996 240 cases were sold from the St Michaels Mount collection principly created by Cornish "taxidermist's". It is reported that the sale acheived £12,000 that equates to an average of £50.00 per case sold. my my, thats's value for money. Another exmaple of quality representation from this region. The trend clearly continues for british historical taxidermy in a downward motion.

European Kestrel with chicks that looks to be the work of Lewis Hutton of Bristol. This is a Victorian case.

mgaddgoss [640x480].JPG
Goshawk and chicks by Mike Gadd.

Modern European Shag by unknown but competent taxidermist.

North Atlantic Eiders by William Hope of Edinburgh, this is a Victorian case.

Interestingly this figure includes the current dispersal of the Andy Henry Collection on Ebay (The first collection in it's entirety to be disposed of by someone we all know). Clearly this data is now out of date and it does include include the partial sale of The Victorian Taxidermy Company's stock and the most recent large sales also. It does however make interesting reading and perhaps a guide to future prices. This is only a guide and does not represent the entire UK taxidermy market place, just a small personal view. The figures are accurate and it is our view that we shall see a steady decline in cost / value?, of cases in the future. Let's hope you did not buy at the top of the market so to speak. Not a good retirement fund. Also it is interesting to note that prices fluctuate between auction houses, Ebay and direct enquiries. That said we tend to buy direct these days and at auctions.

Another recent development on Ebay allows for the seller to omit the bidders identities. Just a word of caution this allows the potential for the seller to ask others or themselves to bid the item UP to perhaps inflate a price. We are confident that this is not going on given the integrity of the sellers, just that it might. The general trend however of prices for both modern and Victorian taxidermy cases is downwards. However there is one concillation of this statement. Most of the items offered are total "shite" and not worth bothering with anyhow, no matter who bids it up so to speak.

Taxidermy price-list from January 2003-Present

Avocet and Little Ringed Plover 165 Badger by shopland 100Badger by Peter Spicer 650Badger with Rabbit prey by Hutchings 450
Bar tail Godwit by Cooper 360 Barn owl in flight by Pratt 235Barnacle Geese by Lowne 350Barnacle Goose by Bissopp of Oban 550
Bittern by Jefferies plus others 860Bittern by Lowne 600Bittern sold at Holt's 1275Black Bears Head 380
Black Grouse and chicks 830 Black Grouse by Spicer 2000Blackbirds by Armitstead 200Blackcaps by Armitstead 175
Bullfinch by Frank Austin 196Buzzard by Bill Cox 450Buzzard by H Murray 400Badger by Hutchings 450
Choughs by Hutchinson 370Carrion Crow by Frank Austin 155Case of Terns 365Chilean Blue Eagle 612
Cockrels by Hutchings 286Common Gull by Shopland 130Cockatoo by Ashmead 450Cockrels foot by Rowland Ward 51
Crossbills by Walters 74 Crucian Carp by Griggs 5210Cuckoo by Frank Austin 240Cullingford Duck 145
Modern Curlew 132Duck by Gardner 400Eagle By Hutchings 960Eider Duck from auction 225
Ermine by Gunn 83Exotic bird by Ward / Gerrard 360Firescreen by Ward 795Fox by Hutchings 517
Fox by Hutchings 420 Gannet by Bisshopp of Oban 795Gannet by Hutchings 250Gannet by Kirk 1000
Gardner Black Grouse 202 Gardner Fieldfare 97Golden Eagle 411Golden Eagle and egg 265
Goldfinch by Homer 150Gooseanders By McCley 600Gooseanders By Ward 495Great Bustards from Oates collection 2450
Great Grey Shrike by Spicer 3271 Greenfinch by Frank Austin 112Guillemot by Gunn 225Gunn Short Eared Owl 175
Gyr Falcon 3300Hares head in Pictureframe case by Bill Cox 1350Hen Harrier male 80Hen Harriers plus eggs in Scotland 900
Hobby and House Martins by Armitstead 425Hobby by James Gardner 600Hobby by Peter Spicer and Sons 1750Hodded Merganser by Armitstead 500
Hummingbirds (2) by James Gardner 535Hutchings Buzzard 200Hutchings Cockerels 265Hutchings duck 400
Hutchings Fox 175 Hutchings fox 410Hutchings fox with Grey Partridge 255Hutchings fox with hardwood backboard 265
Hutchings fox with Moorhen prey 335 Hutchings Heron and Ringed Plover 530Hutchings herons and moorhen 350Hutchings Mallards 475
Hutchings mixed case of seabirds 400Hutchings Otters 460Hutchings Shellducks 400Imperial Eagle by Ward?. 675
James Gardner Jay and Woodcock 230Java Sparrows in dome 205Jay by Frank Austin 70Jay by Peter Spicer 270
Kestrels and Chicks by Pratt 1800Kingfisher and chicks by TE Gunn 1750Kingfisher by James Gardner 200Kingfisher in Wall dome 245
Kingfishers by Gunn 302Kittiwake 31Lapwings and chicks by Amitstead 350Lapwings by Cooper 275
Lapwings by Mountney of Cardfiff 375Large case of winter waders 325Little Owl by TE Gunn 255Long Eared Owl by EF Spicer 450
Magpie by Kirk 50 Marsh Harrier by Armitstead 400Marsh Harrier by Williams of Dublin 875Merganser by Pratt 500
Mergansers by Kirk 250Merlins by Cotton 450Merlins By Gardner 575Merlins by Pratt of Brighton 315
Bittern by Lowne 650Mixed case by Gardner 245Mixed case by Gerrard, including the cock of the rock and Slow Loris Garner 520Merlins by Pratt of Brighton 315
Mixed case of shite birds 917Mixed case of Wader by Gardner 300Monkey 690Mixed case by Hine of Southport 1085
Monkey by Rowland Ward 190.85Nightjar by TE Gunn 147Nightjars by McCley 325Ospreys by Pratt 1500
Otterhead by Spicer 203Pair of Whimbrel cased 450Partridge by Rowland Ward 325Peregrine By Bill Cox 1500
Peregrine by Lowne 410Peregrines By Tony Armitstead 675Peregrine Falcon unknown, maker 274.89Peregrines by McCleay 1275
Peregrines by McCleay 2000Peregrine by McCleay 135Peregrines by Pratt 1500Peter Spicer Merlin with Snipe prey 1750
Pied black bird by Hutchinson 111Polecat by Hutchings 400Polecats by Hutchings 471Puffins with egg 225
Quail by Armitstead 200Quatremain Buzzard 2000Quatremain Crossbills 2400Quatremain fox head 390
Quatremain Kingfisher 1350Quatremain Magpie 70Quatremain Shorelarks 1000Quatremain Wagtails 1000
Red Kite and Marsh Harrier by Hutchings 1800Red Kite by Gadd 900Redkite 751Ring necked Parakeet by Frank Austin 125
Roach by Gibson 235Robins with eggs by Armitstead 200Rowland Ward Tiger Head 1350Sandwich tern and chick 200
Seabirds by Gardner 180Seagulls by Hutchings 180Shellducks 225Shopland Fox and white rabbit 225
Shopland Badger 112Shoveler by Williams of Dublin 475Shrikes by Cullingford 750Silver Fox by Rowland Ward 450
Smew Duck by TE Gunn 350Snipe by Lowne 49Sparrowhawks and chicks by Henry Ward 975Spicer Long Eared Owl 234
Spicer Sparrowhawks with Chaffinch prey 550Spoonbill from Norfolk 975Starling by Frank Austin 160Little Terns in hanging wall dome 170
Turnstones 475Turnstones by J Gardner 210Waders by Hibbs 850Waders by Vignoe from Battle 55
Water Rail with eggs by Armitstead 275Waxwings 155Waders by Hibbs 850Wheatears 255
Whimbrel by Armistead 34Whippett by TE Gunn 475White Pheasants by Gardner 155Wrasse by Cooper 2700
Zebra Skin 265Monal Pheasant by Rowland Ward 589Peregrine by McCley of Inverness 135 Seabirdcase by Shopland 227.99
Ducks by Gardner 168.99Peregrines by Bishopp of Oban 799Wildcats by McCleay 450Hobbies by Gunn 1450
Gooseanders by Ward 495Black Guillimots by Small 495Red leg Patridge by Small 110Carrion Crown by Gardner 80
Choughs by Ward 1450Barn Owls by Hutchinson 109Hutchings Red Squirell 122Sea Eagle by Gardner 1500
Goshawks by Cullingford 220Jay by Cullingford 50Knot By Cullingford 50Exotic birds by Ashmead 1275
Seabirds by Shopland 227.99Ducks by Shopland 168.99Red Squirrel by Hutchings 122Honey Buzzards pair 416
Kingfisher and duck by Jefferies 123Fox with chickhen prey 127Hutchinson mixed case 62Albatross 720
Badger by Jefferies 200Barn Owl by Gardner 180Bittern 450Blackbird in dome 210
Bramblings by Griffin 75Budgie in a flat front case 100Bull finches 161Buzzard by Jefferies 250
Buzzard by Salkeld 205Buzzard by Shopland 150Canary by Gunn 150Canary in Wall dome 147
Case of sea birds by Jackson 320Cockatoo with reduced tail by A Green of Bournemouth 400Cream Coloured Courser by Duncan 175Cullingford Snipe (Museum) 200
Dippers by McCleay 206Duck Billed Platypus 165Duck by Gunn school 130Ducks x 5 by Hope 150
Exotic birds by Mountney 400Fieldfares 100Fox and rabbit by Hutchings 350Fruit Pigeon by Alder 100
Gardner Kestrel 174Goldcrests with nest 200Golden Plover by White 148Goldfinch by Hope Of Edinburgh 156
Goose by Chalkley 130Goshawk 305Great Snipe by Saunders 128.44Greater Spotted Woodpeckers 155
Green Woodpecker 155Green woodpecker by Cullingford 185Half Wall dome, with Kingfisher and mixed birds 250Harris Hawk 100
Hutchings Badger 450Hutchings Badger Cub with Swift prey 875Hutchings Barn Owl 150Hutchings Buzzard 450
Hutchings Cormorant 565Hutchings Curlew 599Hutchings Fox + Partridge 350Hutchings fox and rabbit 350
Hutchings Gannet 250Hutchings Green Woodpeckers 400Hutchings Heron & Water Rail 450Hutchings Kestrel with Redwing prey 463
Hutchings mixed case of birds 450Hutchings Otters 460Hutchings Owls 350Hutchings Rabbits 495
Hutchings Red Squirrels 250Hutchings Rock Dove 250Hutchings Sparrowhawks 460Jackdaw by Bazeley 180
Jay by Gunn 100Jungle cats by Van Ingan 395Kestrel in dome 180Ledout wall hanging Domes 500
Little Bustard 290.55Little Terns and Chicks by Charles Thorpe 572Marsh Harrier cased.195Mixed case of ducks 200
Nuthutch Serjent 38Ospreys (Duncan??)1250Parrott by Griggs 450Penguin 450
Penguin 250Penguin Rockhopper 200Penguin Fairy 150Phalaropes 150
Pike with prey by Cooper 1000Razorbills by McCleay 720Red Breasted Goose 32.7Red Throated Divers by McCley 700
Ruffs (GM's)347Sandwich Tern in small case 150Sea Eagle 600Shelduck by Jefferies 161
Shopland Common Gull 130Skylark by Rowland Ward 295Snake in Dome 42Snow Buntings 150
Sparrow By Ashmead 135SparrowHawks by Kirk 77Spicer Foxhound 1500Spotted Crake (Duncan)89
Stoat by Pratt 100Swan by Douglas 350Swift by Pratt of Brighton 150Tiger Cub 150
Two Lion cubs by Williams 250Warblers by Mole 120Waxwings by Leadbetter 160Woodcock by Cole 175
Woodpecker (Green) by Gunn?? 190Woodpecker in dome by Allen of York 250Wryneck / Cuckoo 125Yellowhammer in Picture frame 64
Choughs by Hutchinson of Derby 470Barnacle Goose by Rowland Ward 150Monal Pheasants by James Gardner 230Vulture Ruppells by Rwoland Ward 5500
Cased Labrador Pup by Rowland Ward 620Cased Terrier by W Barber 360Cased young Badger by Peter Spicer 420Mongoose with lizard by Rowland Ward 100
Cape Buffalo by Rowland Ward 600Bear Cub by Rowland Ward 1600Blackcock by FC Waters 800Blackcock and chicks by FC Waters 2000
Kentish Plover 90Cullingford Moorhens 110Ring Plovers by Cullingford 160Merlins by Cullingford 150
Goshawk female by Cullingford 260Buzzard with Rabbit prey by Hutchings 520Little Owl by Baily & Co 200Magpie by Farren of Cambridge 180
Bartrams Sandpiper by Rowland Ward 500Marsh Sandpipers by Rowland Ward 500Arctic Terns by Rowland Ward 500Cullingford Fieldfares 220
Thrush and Redwing by Cullingford 100Blackcaps by Cullingford 50Velvet Scoter’s by Cullingford 140Water Rail by Cullingford 120
Water Rail by Rowland Ward 160Wall dome with Little Terns 220Cinnamon Blackbird 75Pair of cased Common Terns by Bissopp of Oban 1200
Kestrel and Stoat by TE Gunn 200Cullingford Sparrowhawks 260Shelduck chick by Rowland Ward 360Budgeriegar by Kirk of Glasgow 280
Australian birds by Cullingford 100Australian birds by Sheals of Dublin 400Wall Hanging dome with Rossella Parakeet 230Alpine Choughs by Rowland Ward 1400
Green Kaka 720 Henry Ward Scarlet Ibis 600Tropical birds by Cooper 360Cuckoos by Hutchings 138
Moldy EF Spicer Buzzard with Rabbit 200 Nightjars and chicks by TE Gunn 1100Golden Pheasants by Hutchinson (poor) 161History of British Taxidermty by Frost 52.50
Kestrel by Jefferies 150Pheasants by H Pratt 111.01Foxes by Armitstead 550Phalarope, by Cooper 330
Poor quality White Starling by Hibbs of Ollerton 48.86Taxidermy Biography of Zoologists 1850 51Taxidermy Common Sandpiper 82Bald Eagle in oak case 277
Henry Shaw of Shrewsbury mixed case 99Bird catelogue by Booth of Brighton 108. Amazing when you consider it is in pieces.Well done, but obviously the description wasn't read. Hope you have glue.Hares Head by Sakeld 114Poor case of Hobbies 309
Stoat in ermin by Armitstead 102Hare head by Gerrard & Sons 87Rowland Ward stuffed bat 95, poor conditionHerring Gull by Gerrard 72
Rowland Ward book of Taxidermy pictures 97.10Kingfisher in modern case 102.50Fred Spalding Chelmsford Taxidermy Salter Coll postcard, thats a lot for one piece of paper 36.90Roach requiring complete renovation by Cooper 311.89
Siamese Piglet 465Shellducks by Rowland Ward 103Red Squirrel - Gardene 50Hoopoes 422
Victorian Peregrine with Rook prey 220Tawny Owls 155Gannet - Clarke 105Merganser - Lloyd 83
Woodcock + Snipe 102Bream by Homer 5106 Rowland Ward Cups and Saucers 41Bird catelogue by Booth of Brighton 20
Herring gull and two teal by Jefferies of Carmarthen 151Dead jay in Victorian oil painting 55Puffin by Allen of York 130Winchat by Tony Armitstead 148
Arctic Skua by Hutton 75.Black Headed Gulls by Lownes 130.Snipe by TE Gunn 346. Phew thank God I did not win it at that price, that would make my knees knock!!Victorian taxidermy jays by John Macphearson 245
Hares head in pictureframe case by Bill Cox of Liverpool 192, case broken and originaly sold in the UK for 350. Nice to see it coming homeLapwings and Curlews by Jefferies of Camarthen 390North Amercian Raccoon 56Cooper Roach 370
Moorhens + Chicks by Allder of Newbury 150Mixed waders/seabirds 214Little Auk and Hewrring Gull by Mountney 117Badger+Dog Hutchinson of Derby 1519
Sparrowhawk 100Buzzard in dome 150Kestrel by Hutchings 155Lapwings and Corncrake 81
Pair Of Antique Otter heads by Raine of Durham 160Collection of assorted game birds 278Taxidermy Stoat by Armitstead 185Hooded Crow 105
Taxidermy book on Booth Museum 9.99.How much did the other make?Blue Tits by Tony Armitstead 274.69Roach by E Saunders of Yarmouth 365Tench by J Cooper and Sons, Bow Fronted Case 871
Two stuffed Honey Buzzards 136Pike by J Cooper and Sons, Bow Fronted Case 1386.69Bittern by Pashley of Cley 560, mothed.Jefferies fox with chickhen 70
Turnstone and Corncrake mothed 110Pair of black backed seagulls W.Lowne superb 85E.Allen sparrowhawk not as good as picture 120Stone Curlew great condition bit plain box 190, thats all he paid
Redshank in flight Pashley 150Sparrowhawk,Clarke of Snettisham 100Tawney Owl with Chicks 210A Record of Spicers 53.99
Weasel by Armitstead 53.13Victorian Bittern 290. I would have paid more!Army and Navy Green Woodpecker 51.Eagle Owl by TE Gunn 350
Jefferies Barn Owl 160Bill Cox Tawney Owl 100Henry Ward gamebirds 550Tropical / Exotic birds by James Gardner 230
Male Marsh Harrier by unknown taxidermist 190Victorian Hornbill 200Ledout Jay and Starling 495, mothedA History of British Taxidermy,by Christopher frost 93
A Record of Spicers 72Black Panther 2150Black Guiillimots by Small of Edinburgh 495European Teal and Herring Gull by Jefferies of Carmarthen 100
Victorian Red Kite 489.99Mixed case of Birds 195, not HutchingsJ Cooper & Sons - Taxidermy Roach 2 ½ lbs 1750Short Eared Owl by Armitstead 170
Fox's Mask / Head 1956 Spicer and Son 214Male Merlin 206.03Male Merlin by Armitstead 249, better luck next time eh!Swifts in oval case 300
Fox Mask by Roland Ward London 1978, 164Pied Hare by Williams of Cannock 266Fox Mask and brush by Jack Fishwick 128.70P. Spicer Fox Mask 1956,240
Fox Mask and Brush by H. Murray, Farndale - 1946, 42British Museum postcards of Rowland Wards work dated 1928 5.50Deer Slot Silver Paperweight 60Van Ingen Mysore. Jackal 215
Hare's Mask Taxidermy Catterick Beagles 1951 280Cased pair of Black Francolins 52.88Hares head, Airedale Beagles 1947 By H. Murray 66.66Otter Mask by Farren of Cambridge 101, before it got pulled??.
John Hallett fox head 137Cooper Roach 2lb 5oz August 12Th 1931, 621Common Buzzard by Tony Armitstead 238P.Spicer & Sons Otter Head dated 1921, 253.79
P. Spicer Otter Mask ,1913 100Pair of Wrens in pictureframe case by Armitstead 252Greenland Falcon / Gyr Falcon 932Water Rails 87
Fox mask by Peter Spicer 335.25Stuffed specimen Trout by Cooper 565Lot of 24 Zoological Museum Vintage Animal Stereoviews 15Green Woodpecker and Nuthatch by Cole of Norwich 72
Redstart 155Timber Wolf Head 300Hen Harrier by Cole 74Male Merlin with Siskin prey 313.50
Pied Black Bird by Boucher 42James Gardner White Pheasant 51W D Bowers exotic case of birds 475Timber Wolf by Rowland Ward 235
Antique Taxidermy cased Kiwi 635Barn Owl by Hope 62Horse Hoof by George Butt 101W F Homer Chub 410
Single Avocet, straight fom the auction house to Ebay in 24 hours, must be a record 167, sorry I stand corrected 300. oh and apparently it's mint?, like we give a shit!Two Red Squirrels under a dome by Hutchings 280Coot by Bryant of Wellingborough 90Pheasants and Stoat in Ermin by Hutchinson of Derby 175
Mounted Hyena's Head 311Jay by S Rumble 27, SorryExotic Birds cica 1850 By James Gardner (Sen) Oxford St, London.122Spicer fox mask 1929 ,stuffed 185
Horses hoof ink well by Rowland Ward 285Peter Spicer fox mask 245Hornbill and Waterrail 541Ogilvie Bird book by Frost 27.50
Zebrafinch and another by James Gardner in a wall hanging dome 103.50Knots in Winter plumage by John Cooper & Sons 500Teal by Shopland of Torquay, 100Swallows by Lewis Hutton 165
Little Grebe chick in box case, with painted background said to be by Quatremain 1035 Pochard by Lewis Hutton 50Hen Harrier 313.02Pair of Hobbies 176
Derek Frampton case with Redwing 140.50Tench in bowfronted case 406.87Perch in bowfronted case 326.98Coot chick 16.03
Gyr Falcon, Victorian 174.99Kiwi in three sided glass case 850Fox and lamb 165.03Pike by Spicer 996.98
Hedgehog by E F Spicer & Sons 213Antique Taxidermy Large Spicer Otter mask 261.99"Who Killed Cock Robin" book in pieces 46.99Rowland Ward Fox mask 139.90
Rudd in bowfronted case 429.98, apologies Chris, hope you enjoy the fish.Cooper Pike with Carp prey 980Stuffed Roach by F.W. Anstiss 718.86Yorkshire Terrier 500
Pair of European Red Throated Divers 310Red Squirrel by Shopland of Torquay 22.75James Gardner wall dome 74.80Bramber Museum guide 1951 38.55
Fox Mask by AJ Armitstead 230.50Black Grouse by James Gardner, 255Spicer Hares mask dated 1939 255Great Crested Grebes by TE Gunn 228
Fox Mask by Peter Spicer, faded 127.50Stunning Great Crested Grebe by Peter Spicer,0, who knows what it cost!!!1936 Cased Peter Spicer Pike 695Small brown dog in domed case 1624, Another case destined for the USA
Christopher Frost's book, A History of British Taxidermy 133Roach by Cooper 500Male Hen Harrier in box 125, enough saidPerch by Cooper 512
Buzzard, Barn Owl by Jefferies 69Red Squirrels by Hope of Edinburgh 56Puffin by Allen of York 68.10Bream by Cooper 500
Tiger Head 1601Bee Eaters by Hutchinson of Derby 281.75Otter Head by Murray 286Spicer Fox mask 144.50
Female Balckbird by Kenny Everett 23 Blue Tit in flight by Kenny Everett 31.01Buzzard by Hutchings with Golden Plover prey 160 before it got pulled by the owner of the Hutchings Harrier no-one bid onImpala by Peter Spicer 260
Rowland Ward tracking aids 41Peter Spicer Roe deer 155.01Tawny Owl by Jefferies of Carmarthen 156Cooper King Carp 695
Rowland Ward magazine 28Mounted Hares Feet 56T Williams Kingfishers in dome 155Bee-Eaters by Hutchinson of Derby 281.75
Hutchings Common Gulls 356.88Kingfishers by White of Salisbury 125.50Jefferies Polecat and rabbit prey 86Possum and 7 bluetits by G White in case 100
Otter mounted by R Farren naturist of Cambridge 200Case of Pheasants by Hutchings of Aberystwyth 300An average pair of albino Wood Pigeons 82Glass Dome of Bird of Paradise 789.88
Ermine Taxidermy by William Hope Edinburgh 71Modern Albino Carrion Crows 320Bramber Museum Souvenir booklet 23.23Bramber Museum postcard 16.75
Watkins & Doncaster Price List Entomology Taxidermy 49Rowland Ward Monkies 630Fox mask by Tony Armitstead 121Kestrel and Short Toed Vole by Murray of Carnforth 100
Common Carp by Kim MacDonald 370.01 Fox Mask ASTON CROSS JAN 1934 147Fox and Rabbit in Bow fronted case by Cooper 480Bill Cox Fox and Rabbitt 210
Black Backed Gull and Eider duck by Bishopp of Oban 260TE Gunn Pheasants and Red Squirrell 127Common Gulls and Canaries by Hutchings 358Hutchings Buzzard and Rabbitt 386
Hutchings Fox and Polecat in aumbush 468Desert Lynx by Rowland Ward 1638Rowland Ward records of big game, 1896 117.15Lioness skin rug taxidermy,Peter Spicer & Sons 620
E.Gerrard & Sons pair of Lion skins, male and female 670Peter spicer fox mask mid devon foxhounds 102Rowland Ward Fox Mask 170Victorian Edible Doormice 100
Victorian Redshank 112.50Fox head by Armitstead 109R Duncan Cased Waders, Turnstones, Knot and Redshank, he never did get to identify them correctly. 44Taxidermy 10 exotic birds 498.88
Old Postcard of a Tiger shot by the late King George V 2.70Victorian Honey Buzzard 200Kingfisher and Snipe by Hutton of Bristol 51Chub by Cooper 360
Jeffereis Heron 129Curlew by Jefferies 78, see what happens when we do not bid!!!Tench by Homer 420Bramber Museum W. Sussex Taxidermy booklet 57.56
Taxidermy cased Pheasants by James Hutchings 216Taxidermy foreign birds 179.89Victorian taxidermy half cylindrical case 146.33Common Buzzard By E.F. Spicer 91
Nasty Stone Curlew 32.50Albino Grebe by Hope of Edinburgh 48Modern Snowy Owl 450Modern Gyr Falcon 500
Taxidermy Catalogue Hotaling Son Gloversville NY 1932 7.811883 Harper's Weekly 22.50Victorian Blue Winged Kookaburra 295Jeferies Woodpecker 27, how many times is this going to be bought and sold!!!!!
Cased Brent Geese D Newby Thetford 75Woodpecker by Malloch of Perth 125Rowland Ward Pheasant 67. This is doing great for the average price per case?????Hutchings Wood Pigeon 330
Victorian Red Squirrel by G Ryde 54English 19th Century Mounted Green Woodpecker & Redstart 157Peter Spicer Red Fox and Mountain Hare 720Manx Shearwater in a case 50
Hoopoe by Bissopp of Oban 226.33Grey squirrel E F Spicer 81Fran Austin Green Finches 85Rowland Ward Badgers Mask 204.99
Short Eared Owl, with eggs by Kenny Everett 160, oh dearHutchings Common Gulls and Canaries 264Tern by Campbell-Black 150Jeferies Velvet Scooter 82
Herring Gull by Jefferies 121Gardner Polecat and Rabbit 264African Grey Parrot by Mountney of Cardiff 75Spur Winged Plover 120
Albino Starling 111Tench by Homer 789Otter and fish by James Gardner 101.99Shelducks by TE Gunn complany 80
Herring Gulls by Shopland 52.56Jay by Hudson 51Old Charles H. Eldon Taxidermy Photograph 52.46Rowland Ward Candlesticks 185
Eskimo Curlew 1287Gull by Cooper in bowfronted case 391Avocet could be by Mark Ball 465Eider drake by Armitstead 105.50
Rowland Ward Albino Chipmonk 155Chub by Homer 555Barn Owl by James Gardner, no bidsPeregrines by Murray of Carnforth 1440
Red Fox by Murray of Carnforth 98.10Otter by W.K Petherick of Taunton 80Hutchings mixed case of ducks 1128 Bill Cox Goldeneye and Godwit 555.75
Mallard by John Cooper & Sons 409Spotted Crake 149Peter Spicer Sparrowhawk 538 Peter Spicer Tawny Owl 444
Peter Spicer Trout 877Peter Spicer Teal 1696Curlews by James Hutchings 255Barn Owl by Rowe of Barnstable 94
An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Nightjar adult male bearing T.E. Gunn Norwich May 14th 1913 label 100An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a male Hen Harrier - Brandon 11th July 1887 110An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a male Montagu Harrier pencil Burlingham May 30th 1899 180An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Hen Harrier bearing T.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 26.03.27 140
An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Peregrine Falcon bearing F.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 200An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Marsh Harrier - Burlingham, 9th September 1899 140An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Buzzard - shot at Eastern 5th November 1908 bearing T.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 80An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Rough Legged Buzzard - Shot by H. Rowe, January 1916 at Hollesley bearing T.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 210
An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Hobby bearing T.E. Gunn, paper label 150An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a male and a female Sparrow Hawks female bearing T.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 260An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Manx Sheerwater paper T.E. Gunn, Norwich - Shot Dennington, near Eye September 7th 1909 85An early 20th Century stuffed and cased specimen of a Bittern, naturalistic setting with T.E. Gunn label to reverse 950
An early 20th Century stuffed and cased specimen of a Purple Swamphen in naturalistic setting. T.E. Gunn label and handwritten note on reverse 560An early 20th Century stuffed and cased specimen Avocet in naturalistic setting, handwritten label to reverse - Preserved by E.C. Saunders Gt. Yarmouth, shot at Breydon 5th Dec. 1926 620An early 20th Century stuffed specimen male Ruff, F.E. Gunn label, a Black Tailed Godwit, Redshank and Greenshank (4) 200An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of a Chough bearing T.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 200
An early 20th Century stuffed specimen of an Egret taken near Haughton 24th Nov 1924 bearing F.E. Gunn Norwich, paper label 150Exotic birds in dome by E.Peachey of 14 Elizabeth Street,Pimlico,London 670Williams of Dublin invoices 160.35Reed Warblers with nest 351
Rowland Ward Fox mask 113Gyr Falcon 304Golden Eagle chick 103.01Merlins with Meadow Pippit prey by Rowland Ward 100, Yup another costly case
Trout by J. Cooper 235Duck-Billed Platypus 321Large Tiger rug by Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore India 1070Trout by Barry Williams 52.99
A Pair of Matching Antique Taxidermy cases 232A Pair of Matching Antique Taxidermy cases 232Red Tailed Hawk 340Fox with Rabbit prey by James Hutchings 317
Jay Magpie and Polecat by James Hutchings 352.50Single Polecat with Rabbit prey by James Hutchings 141British Owls by James Hutchings 188Polecats and Stoat with prey by James Hutchings 215
Red Fox with Chickhen prey by Jefferies of Camarthen 185English Partridges by Ashmead of London 100, yes it was offered to us too.Kentish Marsh Birds 285Rowland Ward reference images 468
Display of 8 Exotic Birds by Rowland Ward 685Display of 8 Exotic Birds by Rowland Ward 995Spicers Stalking Records 36Cornish Chough 125.30
Hen Harrier by James Gardner 60Peregrine Falcon by James Gardner 82James Gardner Red Legged Partridge in wall hanging dome 85Black Headed Gull by Lewis Hutton 30
Peregrine with Grouse prey 380Kingfisher by Hunt of Alcester 190Stone Curlew and Partridge by John Sayer of Norwich 230Green Woodpecker by Edward Fortnum 50
Jefferies Buzzard and Partridge prey 100Herring Gull Peter Spicer of Leamington 3142Rowland Ward Fire screen 850Male Pheasant Peter Spicer of Leamington 2840
TE Gunn Barn Owl 130Cormorant by Hutchings 120, auctioneer failed to bid for us.Barn Owl by Hutchings 100, auctioneer failed to bid for us.Rowland Ward Buzzard 130, auctioneer fails again.
Tiger rug by Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore India 1029Fox after Blackbird prey by W.H.Eva, Penzance, Cormish Taxidermy 25. No need to add anymore to that, the sale price speaks volumes 25Barn Owl and Teal by Jefferies of Carmarthen 105Barn Owl and Long Eared Owl by TE Gunn 624
Curlews by Jefferies 257Gannet by John Cooper & Sons 402, looks very clean and bright.Spaniel by John Cooper & Sons 506.66Rowland Ward Lion in half 3600
EF Spicer Birmingham Grey Squirrels 155Whinchat by Tony Armitstead 264Fox head in glass cube 181.59Tiger Cub by Rowland Ward 1932 786
Bittern by J Heffer of Woodbridge 103Hutchings Seabird case including two Shellducks 1228Rowland Ward a Mongoose and a small lizard 117Peregrine with prey by John Cooper & Sons 397, hope you did not buy this from the standard image, as we suspect it is mothed from the close ups?. Presents well
Capercailles by Mallach of Perth 476Leopard Skull 210Black Grouse by Leadbetter of London 210Gooseander by Herny Ward 70, due to being mothed
Hutchings Jay and Blackbird 150 James Gardner Golden Eagle 1170Brown Trout in bow fronted gilt edged case 310Jefferies cock Pheasant 52
long eared Owl by F Asten, Woodbridge 53 James Gardner Little Gull 8, YES 8.00!A Moorhen. Full mount in a glazed case 2, yup.Kingfisher by Carl Church 80
1860 James Gardner senior Sandpiper 59Rowland, London 1891 14.50Gulls and Kingfisher by TE Gunn 210European Jay by TE Gunn 222
Common Tern in Flight by Bissopp of Oban 80, picture pending for the site as we own it.It is now on the site, enjoy. Four Kingfishers in glass case, 110 Amazon Green Parrot by Rowe of Penzance. 49, umm let's see shall we, another quality item to derive from Cornwall. Nope bombed againPair of Arctic Char by John Cooper and Sons. Perhaps the only case of its kind in the existence 0
James Hutchings Ptarmigan and Red Grouse, plus single Black Headed Gull 340Bull Finches by W.H.Eva TAXIDERMIST??? OF PENZANCE CORNWALL 43, Bargain, we think notModern Barn Owl 802.10Short Toed Eagle by Edwin Ward 802.10
Grey Heron by Farren 234Kingfisher Griggs 185Grey Heron Mountney of Cardiff 271TE Gunn Squacco Herons 271
Modern Tawny Owl 555Modern Tawny Owl 765King Vulture 431Modern Otters 925
Jay by Farren of Cambridge 98Hutchings Fox and cock Pheasant 431Golden Eagle 654Hutchings Tawny and Barn Owl 197
Hutchings Fox and Mallard Hen 320Red Kite 296Great Crested Grebes and chicks 345Hutchings Amazon Green Parrot 209
Hutchings Tawny Owl 197EW Gunn Cuckoo 246Great Spotted Woodpeckers by T Clarke 123Mongoose by TE Gunn 123
Cattle Egret 123Hutchings Coots 320Hutchings Polecats 370Male Hen Harrier 555
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 111Female Marsh Harrier 394Female Hen Harrier 308Bittern 345
Night Heron 111Lyre Birds 296European Rabbit 40Peter Spicer Fox mask 155, we just love our site being mentioned on Ebay.
1876 Catalogue of Birds ,Taxidermy at Brighton Museum 51Ptarmigan by H Murray of Carnforth 100This is an original article extracted from an old book in 1896 entitled " A COUNTRY TAXIDERMIST " 80.98Eider Duck by Graham of York 99
"Romantic Histories of Some Extinct Birds and Their Eggs," 230A cased pair of Teal by the celerbrated taxidermist Henry Shaw of Shrewsbury 160Peter Spicer Fox mask 155FE Gunn Trout in Bow fronted case 430
A cased and mounted Bittern by JA Cole 513A cased and mounted Curlew by JA Cole 187James Hutchings Albatross 2106, yes that is what was paid but not asking that now. Lets see how long he keeps it. Could always save it for the nation??. Perhaps not, better still!!!!! just sell it to the Americans!!!!!!Peter Spicer Golden Eagle with no case work left 2945. Makes others cases now worth a fortune. We should have bought them all when we had the chance!.
Peter Spicer Pike in flat fronted case 994.50Peter Spicer Gyr Falcon re-cased 702Peter Spicer Grey Squirrel, very clean and bright example which is suspicous as is the sale price. 152Kestrels William Hope of Edinburgh 300
Bramble Finches William Hope of Edinburgh 70Hawfinches William Hope of Edinburgh 70Merlin William Hope of Edinburgh 155Sandpipers William Hope of Edinburgh 115
Smew William Hope of Edinburgh 115Snow Buntings William Hope of Edinburgh 95Teal William Hope of Edinburgh 105Red Squirrel William Hope of Edinburgh 45
Sparrowhawk William Hope of Edinburgh 55, the other cases namely the Merganser, Concrakes, Pheasant, Squirrel and Plovers were full of mould. We will also put the images up to show later on, what happends when people leave cases in cellars White Fronted Goose by William Hope 95Rowland Ward Peregrine Falcon in dome 399Fox and Sparrowhawk by Kenny Everett. Did not sell 0
Red Breasted Merganser by Bill Cox 335 Bullfinches by Cole of Norwich 174Cockatoo by TE Gunn 122 Great Auk feather, one feather 156.03
Arctic Skua by William Thompson of Chester Did not sell 0 Amazon Green Parrot by James Hutchings 285Great Grey Shrike by Ponchaud 450, just had to have it!!!!Marsh Harrier 293.75
Male Bullfinch in wall hanging dome 70 at the moment but we will own it? Toddle pip. Tawny Owl by Roberts of Norwich 165 Pair of Bitterns 500 Stuffed Owl Decoys Taxidermist M.J. Hoffman of Brooklyn N.Y 27.00 Isolationists?. Not sure what you mean another Englishman bought this card?. Oh by the way if you wih to live up to you claims on your front page, you might want to remove the Ebay logo from the image that you have. Congratulations MC on your purchase of the card by the way.
Stuffed Red Squirrel 80 Spicer Fox Mask 122Lion Cub 1921, 150 Purple Gullinule 142
>Rockhopper Pengiun 239Bullfinch in wall hanging dome 151Single Gannet on wooden base 1501929 Trout by Cooper from Devon 415.10
Barn Owl with Yellowhammer prey 122.98Green Woodpecker by Lowne 102Peter Spicer Fox mask 82.59 Shag by Bill Cox 103
Rowland Ward Hoof 67.99 Mallard by John Cooper 390Peregrine by William Hope suggested as Hutchings 235Rowland Ward Mallard 0, did not sell. Solution???, readvertise 100 pounds more than previous. Genius!!!!!, should be a taxidermy dealer.
HT Shopland Heron 112Monal Pheasant by William Thompson 160Snowy Owl 460Badger by James Hutchings 349
Victorian Taxidermy, Its History and Finest Exponents.Christopher Frost. 1981 99.66, well done Cockatoo by Albert Green as seen on Ebay paid 400, lets see what it makes 0. You know if you took a decent picture I would use it!. Surpise surprise it did not sell. Toodle pip Budgerigar in wall hanging dome 87Mounted kingfisher in glass case with frame by Murray 375
Rowland Ward portrait??, 156.06Rowland Ward's book n preserving trophies 16Horniman Museum postcard 13.07Kingfisher by Clarke of Snettisham 0
Great Auk Feather, single feather 132 Tench by Bill Cox of Liverpool 299Peter Spicer Images 765Alexandrine Parakeet 531
A rare large game bird case by James Huthcings 2024 A cased adult gannet by James Hutchings 346A cased buzzard mantling over its rabbit by James Hutchings 740A cased pair of jays, water rail and woodpecker by James Hutchings 494
A cased immature otter by James Hutchings 309 A cased single stoat by James Hutchings 395A cased polecat by James Hutchings 420A cased adult cormorant by James Hutchings 481
A very unusual and rare cased very young badger by James Hutchings 888 A good cased pair of adult herons by James Hutchings 1900An unusual Victorian miniature picture frame case of a pair of Malachite (or Pygmy) Kingfishers by Small of Edinburgh 481A cased pair of sparrowhawks by Hutchinson of Derby 494
A cased pair of pheasants by James Hutchings 469 A cased otter by James Hutchings 605A vertically cased adult and an immature common gull by James Hutchings 395A cased badger by James Hutchings 691
A cased wood pigeon by James Hutchings 309 A cased long eared owl and a barn owl by James Hutchings 753An oystercatcher with adult common gull by James Hutchings 395A cased pair of two black cock by James Hutchings 481
A cased pair of red squirrels,jay and gulls by James Hutchings 457 A cased barn owl by James Hutchings 666An unusual and rare case containing a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers by James Hutchings 3085A cased tawny owl by James Hutchings 444
A cased polecat, jay and woodpecker by James Hutchings 469 A cased fox by James Hutchings 666A cased pair of woodcock by James Hutchings 963A cased rabbit by James Hutchings 370
A good cased standing adult cormorant by James Hutchings 876 A cased pair of pheasants with woodland birds by James Hutchings 506An unusual cased male cockerel by James Hutchings 494An unusual cased group of three tumbler pigeons by James Hutchings 469
A cased pair of pheasants by James Hutchings 506 A cased mounted hare by James Hutchings 309A cased pair of well-modelled barn owls by James Hutchings592A cased velvet scooter and shelduck by James Hutchings 494
A cased buzzard by James Hutchings 494 An unusual cased group of three terns by James Hutchings 654A pair of red squirrels by James Hutchings 494A cased pair of pheasants by James Hutchings 432
A cased pochard with a teal raised on a higher rock to the right by James Hutchings 740 A cased whimbrel by James Hutchings 888A rare pair of sparrowhawks with chicks by James Hutchings 1111A cased buzzard by James Hutchings 691
A cased barn own by James Hutchings 555 An unusual cased Old English Terrier by James Hutchings 839A cased pair of shelducks by James Hutchings 592A very large and rare seabird case by James Hutchings 1913
A cased male and female tawny owl with young chick by James Hutchings 1296 A cased fox by James Hutchings 617A cased large dog fox by James Hutchings 1234A cased common otter by James Hutchings 568
A cased pair of Eider ducks by William Hope of Edinburgh 432 Cased heron by James Hutchings 568A cased Peregrine Falcon by James Hutchings 888Rowland Ward book 154
Bittern by James Hutchings 560 Bittern by James Hutchings 540Jefferies Fox with Shelduck 180Jeferies Badger with Rabbit prey 120
Barn Owl by TE Gunn 375Rowland Ward crab handled knives and forks 389Waders by Williams of Dublin 82W H Griffin Mandarin duck 48
Booklet of Bramber Museum 23.89Rowland Ward Badgers head 208Golden Eagle study skin 311Peregrine Falcon. modern 122
Jay by Geo Bazeley 177.77Victorian Bald Eagle 1260Fox. Stuffed in 1877 by H Shaw of Shrewsbury.100Fox Head by Peter Spicer 287
AJ Armitstead Fox head 104 Mistle Thrush by Cole of Norwich 75Yellow Wagtail by Vingoe 26, another quality cornish case, we think notJackdaw by Geo Bazeley of Northampton 130, once owned by Andy Henry.
Lizard by TE Gunn 555 Tawny and Barn owl by James Hutchings 400Fox cub by Kenny Everett, want me to put the sale price up? 35,Yup another cornish case.Kite by Rowland Ward, 850
Ducks by Rowland Ward 141.50Mixed case of raptors 355Impala head by Rowland Ward 300Female Merlin by Cullingford, from Ebay to another site at nearly four times this price. 75
Fox Mask by Rowland Ward 101Common Sandpipers 102Gyr/Saker cross 215Rowland Ward's record of bog game 51
Frosts book on the Ogilvie Collection 33Jefferies Lapwing with Canary 31Fox Mask by Peter Spicer 190Siamese Calf Head by Rowland Ward 874
Badgers Head by Peter Spicer 120Rowland Ward Merganser 103Taxidermy-Handbook guide-British Mammals Exhibition 18Black Grouse 41
Rook & Crow playing chess by Malcolm Everett, not another bargain, will it make 50? Jays by Lowne of Yarmouth 170Red Stag Head by Peter Spicer 158Tench fish by Gerrards 67.50
Otters by EF Spicer with Trout prey 230Snow Leopard head 839Heron by Pratt of Brighton 130Ringed Plover in pictureframe case 129
Victorian Grouse in 5 sided glass case 52Budgie in octagonal case 82, before it got "broken"?, lets see if it mysteriously mends itselfLarge case of seabirds and waterfowl 180Red Throated Divers by Bisshopp, wonder how many emails the chap has had to "buy it now"?? 450. We suspect that these bird may require restoration.
Sparrow Hawks and chicks by James Hutchings 420, before it was pulled Pair of Pheasants by James Hutchings 360Kestrel with Blackbird prey by Hutchings 150, before it got pulledLapwing and chicks by Henry Ward 921
Female Goosander by FE Gunn, 419Swainsons Lorikeet by Rowland Ward 493Pheasant by Rowland Ward 37Ptarmigan by McCleay of Inverness 592.32
Spicer Hares mask 148Leddot English Partridge 320Pheasant by Cole of Norwich, did not sell 0Gerrard Partridge 394, yup thats what it made
Family of Partridges by James Lamb 246Poor qaulity Teal by Peter Spicer & Sons 294Arctic Char by John Cooper & Sons 7300Hutchings mixed case of foreign raptors. 3 times on Ebay and now elsewhere for sale 400
Fox Head by Rowland Ward 67.07Bird of Paradise by Rowland Ward 460Dome of birds by Williams 285Quetzal 508
Aylesbury duck by James Gardner, Hutchings Bittern now seems be have been a better bet, well done!. 0Hobby by James Gardner, retaped 0Wagtails and chick 195Armitstead Eider 300
Wrens by Armitstead 250Peregrine by Bill Cox 0Kestrel by EF Spicer 0 2 Bream by Homer 620
Leopard rug by Rowland Ward 750Badger by Peter Spicer 2000, yes we were offered it too but felt that 2000 was a little much. The new price, well good luck, and the "value" added is what exactly.Domes of birds with Cooper label 300Short Eared Owl by Lowne of Yarmouth 225
Woodpeckers by Lewis Hutton 92Single Avocet 155, we already have the best Avocet produced recently by Derek Frampton.Peter Spicer Fox head 155Single Toucan 550
Buzzard by AJ Armitstead 200Wall dome with exotic birds 243Fox by James Hutchings 130English Woodland birds by James Gardner 52
Otter head and tail by H.murray&son 232.19King Penguins 320Hen Harrier and Lapwing prey 260, before it got "pulled"TE GUNN Pheasant and Red legged Partridge. Apparently there is a site dedicated to TE Gunn. YEAH, we know!!!! 159.99. Not another bargain?
Rowland Ward reference images (280) of birds located in zoo 137.99James Gardner envelopes 21Taxidermied Roach by Griggs 920Stuffed wild cat, looks like the work of Mc'Cleay of Inverness 0
Peter Spicer Otter Mask 213.66Peter Spicer Fox mask 73Original bird drawings by Eric Gorton, taxidermist 45Griffon Vulture 337.50. Not an other "sympathetic restoration"
Trout by John Cooper & Sons 900Duckbill Platypus 621Foxhound head mount 0Chub by John Cooper & Sons, we see that Dr Church is going mad again. 1320
Cormorant and Jays by James Hutchings 560, straight from the auction house at 150 to Ebay for 410 profit. What was it we said about dealers only adding cost. Cost is not value by the way. All this does is make more people look for these items, as clearly there is PROFIT to be had!!. Not that we care, collectively we have too many cases as it is. Just some thoughts. Toodle pip.Trout by J.Cooper and sons 5lbs 6oz caught on a may fly on the river avon britford 0Trout in a bow front case preserved by J.Cooper and sons on the River Test 0James Gardner case containing a Woodcock and a Jay 192
European Heron in bow fronted case by John Cooper 170, image to follow.James Hutchings Bagot Goat 850Single Peregrine Falcon 200 Pair of Snowy Owls 720
Chub by John Cooper, second time around 710Badger by Jefferies of Carmarthen 23.26Victorian cased Widgeon 100Hobby by James Gardner again, 0, did not sell
Mounted Horses head 440Rowland Ward Horse Hoof 63Cuckoo by John Cooper & Sons 230Lapwing by Jefferies of Camarthen 39.99
Lapwings and woodland birds by Jeferries of Camarthen 79Bullfinch in wall hanging dome 127Pair of Owls by Murray of Carnforth 349, before it was "no longer for sale"?Trio of Perch by John Cooper & Sons 1120
Rowland Ward Rhino Horn 2500, before it got "pulled"H Murray of Carnforth Tragopan Pheasant 1764Carp by Homer 920Taxidermy Foremount Fox, lets see what the new dealer on the block makes of this 0
James Hutchings Buzzard, we have had a go and we are out bid as it is faded 510James Hutchings Squirrel Monkey 125Red Kite 200Peregrine by Rowland Ward 420
Honey Buzzard and Sparrowhawk 220Indian Jackel by Van Ingen 310Lioness by Van Ingen 3050Peter Spicer Fox mask 166.99
Rowland Ward Arctic Skuas, in need of restoration from the Hart Hall Collection 1539Single Perch by John Cooper 750Heron by Jeferies of Camarthen 120Mountain Hare by James Hutchings 170
Rowland Ward Fox mask 32Heron Gull and Grebe by Hutchins of Derby 137Peter Spicer Fox mask 206Shelbrooke Dog head 290
Indian Hunting Dog head by Van Ingen of Mysore 330John Cooper Pike 750Rowland Ward Leopard skin 1672Rowland Ward Badgers paw 56
Canary by TE Gunn in a wall dome 210Mallard drake by Rowland Ward 150, purchased from antique dealer in Greenwich London.Badger Cub by James Hutchings 310Pair of Roach by John Cooper 1113
Single Roach by FT Williams 726.99Pike by FT Williams 0Rabbit by Clarke of Snettisham 50Woodcock and Common Gull by James Hutchings 310
Hutchings Seabirds 440Short Eared Owl by Hutchings 280Common Carp by Homer 1,600Abberation Sparrows by unknown taxidermist 210
Tragopan Pheasant by James Gardner 740Honey Buzzards by White of Salisbury 370White moles by Kirk 390Spicer Otter Head 130
Hen Harrier by Charles Kirk of Glasgow 270Victorian Spoonbill 1080Rowland Ward Bird of Paradise 700Lowne Grebes 0
Gyr Falcon in dome 500Toucan 600Hutchings Herons, including Flamingo 2600Hedge Hog by George Butt 440
Baikal Teal by Derek Frampton 140Goldwing Macaw by Derek Frampton 820Rowland Ward fire screen that included Macaw 720Trial of Rat by Hart of Chichester 6462
Williams of Dublin postcard 414.45Cockerels by Lowne of Gt Yarmouth 107Hutchings Fox with prey 451.11Buzzards by Peter Spicer, badly faded and perhaps mothed 260
Fox mask by Murray of Carnforth 51Moscovey duck by Henry Shaw 77.88Cockatoo by Roberts of Norwich 75Heron and Kingfisher by Hutchings 565
Heron by Chalkley 75Buzzard by Jefferies 147Egyptian Goose by Henry Shaw 50Greenshank by Rowland Ward 102
Golden Oriel by Armitstead 285Mallards by James Hutchings 310Fox cub by James Hutchings 361Letterhead by Murray of Carnforth 205
Complete History of the Echalaz Collection-1907 67Van Ingen Taxidermy Advertisment 51.65Taxidermy stuffed Little Grebe 102Grey Plover by W.H.Vingoe 100
Tawny Owl by William Franklin 80Taxidermist Albrecht Giant Panda Mount Photo 91.26Red Legged Partridge by Peter Spicer 240Teal and Goldeneye by Hutchinson of Derby 230
Peregrine by Bissopp of Oban 310Peregrine by Malloch of Perth 156Pair of Tawny owls by James Hutchings 350, cheap case.Booth Catalogue by ET Booth of Brighton 68
Lop Eared Rabbits said to be by Hutchings 126Bittern by TE Gunn 720Cormorant by FE Gunn 500Fox mask by H Murray of Carnforth 43
Bittern by James Hutchings 400White Pheasant by Rowland Ward 161Brent Geese by Cullingford 191Roach by John Cooper 440
A record of Spicers 142Abberation Woodcock, by C. Helstrip 72Goosander by Peter Spicer, aledgely 0Barn Owl by James Hutchings 0
Bittern by Pashley of Cley 95Scale painted Bream by John Cooper 750Pike by John Cooper 1040Rowland Ward Buffalo head 250
Pair of Oryx heads by Rowland Ward 100Pair of Pike by Walter Lowne 1000Peregrine Falcon with Teal prey by Jefferies 250Single Dace by Homer 1120
Fox mask by Peter Spicer 102Hare mask by Peter Spicer 225Buzzard with Rabbit prey by James Hutchings 0Heron by James Hutchings 0
Otter mask by Peter Spicer 410Red Fox by Jeffeies of Camarthen 122Van-ingen Tiger Skin with Mounted Head 1750Pheasants by Pratt of Brighton 31
Fox Mask by Bill Cox 23 Fox mask by Tony Armitstead 124Watercolour by Quatremain of Mallards in winter scence 150Faded Barn Owl by James Hutchings 200
Leopard Skin by Rowland Ward 1,027Hares mask by Rowland Ward 275Nasty Sparrowhawk, Long Eared Owl and Jay by E Allen and Co 97, why do people buy this junk from this new "taxidermy authority"Hooded Crow by AJ Armitstead 37.56
Brown Trout by John Cooper 820Raccon mask by David Keningale 150Taxidermy curiosity 187, looks like a brown blob with 2 heads, ummmmmm, no thanksMole in picture frame case 108
Otter Head Mask By P Spicer 155Mixed case by Thomas Jefferies 64.99Victorian Stock Dove 311795, Thomas Hall’s Taxidermist halfpenny 22
Seabird case by James Hutchings 3105. We were the underbidders if you would like to know. You win some, you loose some. No matter.Buzzard with Rabbit prey by James Huthcings 414, let that one go also.Peter Spicer Red legged Partridge 240, thats not what it is for sale for though.Eider duck by AJ Armitstead 155
Finches by George Bazeley of Northampton 120Pair of Wolve's heads 1043Jungle cat head 225Barn Owl by Bazeley 127
James Gardner Parrots 317Green Woodpecker by Robert of Norwich 127Fox mask by Peter Spicer 117Another post card by Williams of Dublin 68
Heron (grubby) and Water Rail by James Hutchings 310 Cased Red Fox by A.J. Harris, Baker Street, Enfield. Nice item . It made 60 at auction and 2 days later on Ebay 113.Ring necked Pheasant by Farren of Cambridge 60Great Spotted Woodpecker by James Gardner 76
Grubby Cormorant and Water Rail by James Hutchings. He not always did good work clearly 230Roach by Homer of Forest Gate 350Red Squirrel and Barn Owl by Allen of York 6.37, the glass was worth more than that.Pair of Owls by James Hutchings from Jubilee Auctions 575, oopps, bit of a bargain to be putting on ebay.
James Hutchings mixed case from Jubilee Auctions that includes a Turtle Dove, Buzzard and Sparrowhawk 819Perch in need of restoration by Peter Spicer 256.50, should make a nice case once resotred.Pair of Tench in a wrap around case, no makers name 400Badger by John Cooper & Sons 256
Ring Necked Pheasant by George Herd, ex T.E.Gunn employee 56, a few years a go this would have ben "Fresh to the Market" at 600. Oh how times have changed. Brown Trout by John Cooper, in a bow fronted case 400Fox by Hutchinson of Derby 63, again another bargain.Mixed seabird case by Shopland 254
Trio of Kingfishers in wall hanging dome either by Walter Lowne or TE Gunn, 296Heron in bow fronted case suggested by John Cooper 500 Fieldfare by Farren of Cambridge 160Hen Harrier by Hutchnings, re-cased, did not sell 0
Snipe and chicks reputed to be Murray but no label 1500Blond Turtle shell 1700Peter Spicer?, Peregrine Falcon 1500Sandgrouse by Peter Spicer?. 280
Rowland Ward, Pica's, if we wanted them we would have bought them from the same auction house as you did 150Ravens (3) by Peter Spicer 9.00, yes pounds, image to follow. Choke on that 9.00Kittiwake by H Murray of Carnforth 1020. Nice case but the glass is not original, needs re-taping and also the painting (print actually, according to the Murray expert who reviewed the case) has water damage over most of the sky. Other than that a nice case.Osprey by Cullingford of County Durham 900. Restored recently, but nice item. Original "pair" from the Andy Henry Collection sold for 1000, so I suppose you pay's your money, you take's your chance.
Scale painted Roach by John Cooper- Norris 1958 Kingston Upon Thames 160 from an auction house now on Ebay so grab yourself a bargain 495. Could have saved 300 if you had gone to auction.Peregrine and Rabbit prey by James Hutchings. Looks a bit like the angel Gabriel with the wings up 600Mixed case of birds by Jefferies 112Brown Trout by W.A.McLeay of Inverness, 52.99
Canary by James Gardner 43.01Large case of woodland birds by James Hutchings 0Perch by John Cooper 410Pair of owls by James Hutchings 325
Pintails (restored) by Hope of Edingburgh 240Widgeon (restored) by Hope of Edingburgh 240Grey Heron by James Hutchings 325Linnet by Charles Thorpe of Croydon 39.50
Kingfishers by Chalkley of Winchester 117Badger mask by Peter Spicer 474Budgies in wall dome 19Hare mask by Salkeld 113.50
Pheasants by Hart 150 Rowland Ward Horse hoof 77Bittern and Great Skua by Mountney of Cardiff 185Kingfisher in wall dome 175
Kestrel with vole prey by Peter Spicer 1300Great Crested Grebe by Septimus Gardner 289Cooper Perch 555Common Gull by Yeoman of Southampton 82
Grouse by John Cooper & Sons 965Short Eared Owl by John Cooper & Sons 904 Dotterel by John Cooper & Sons 844Golden Plover by John Cooper & Sons 579
Green Woodpecker by John Cooper & Sons 663Shrike by John Cooper & Sons 386Seabird case by James Hutchings 750Ospreys by Pratt of Brighton 1250
Sparrowhwk by Hibbs of Ollerton 102Peregrine by Armitstead 300Kestrel, Bullfinch and Green Woodpecker by Hutchings 100Pheasant by John Cooper 564
Bleak by Sanders 2160Magpie by Farren of Cambridge 216Raven suspected to be modern placed in an earlier case 528Badger cub slightly faded by James Hutchings 410
Dabchick in Winter plumage by Peter Spicer 1250, image to followBadly faded Red Grouse by Peter Spicer 875, image to follow. pretty groundwork and case though.Thomas Jefferies Pheasants 79James Hutchings Fox 57
Thomas Jefferies Fox with Chickhen 117Thomas Jefferies Pheasants and Woodcock 117Gannet with chick by Small of Edinburgh 257 Monal Pheasants by James Hutchings 1755
Turnstones by TE Gunn 705Barn Owl by Cole of Norwich 220, not very nice.Whimbrel by James Hutchings 260Jackal Buzzards 450
Hobbies by Rowland Ward 550Robins by Carl Church 280Fox & Ptarmigan suggested by Quatremain 1000Ospreys by Bissopp 1350
Tragopans 720Timber Wolf head 380African Rock Python by Rowland Ward 400Tigers head 700
Gerrards 39 Australian birds 1300Rowland Ward Leopard head 3000Puffins by Carl Church 850Puma full mount 1100
Sea Lion 750South African Ground Hornbill 400Bustards and Grouse 850EF Spicer Robins that have been altered 750
Patridges and Quails 280Asiatic Black Bear 480Azur Kingfisher plus other birds 300British record Trout by Homer of Forest Gate 1400
Great Northern Diver by Bissopp 410Nicely modelled Peregrine Falcom 90Kingfisher by Farren of Cambridge 55Dabchick by Farren of Cambridge 70
Thomas Jefferies Pheasants 70Tawny Owl and Red Squirrel by Jefferies 310James Huthcings Badger with part grown young emerging from den. Although this item was faded, it like all of Hutchings work is well executed and deserved to make more than 80. Oh yes 80.00. Let's see if it turns up pn Ebay "fresh to the market".Pair of Dace in the manner of John Cooper 780
Cased Tawny Eagle 90Nightjar by E.W.Gunn 340Badger in 5 sided glass case by Rowland Ward 110Jefferies Fox with Chickhen prey 199
Badger by Rowland Ward, sold at auction for 110, ended up on Ebay and made 127. Money back for the seller who bought at auction we suppose.Gorilla mask by Gerrards (resin)337.77Nasty torn bodied miniature Chiwawa Dog in case 737.77Cased Hoopoe bird by W Roundell 127.50
Abberation Woodcock 411Stuffed Victorian Yorkshire Terrier on velvet cushion in glass dome 885Rowland Ward Fox mask 58Peter Spicer hanging fox maks 267
Henrik Gronvold original sketch of Rail 58.77Green Woodpecker by Harry Shaw 39Re-cased Gyr Falcon in pictureframe case 500WF Homer Roach in bow fronted case 212
Pike by WF Homer 475Buzzard in flight with Stoat by James Hutchings 261Tench by WF Homer 390 Arctic Hare's head by AJ Armitstead 153
An Edwardian taxidermy display of two Scottish wild cats £540Fox in ambush Hutchings of Aberystwyth £504A Grey Parrot by Bill Cox £420Bullfinch and Short Eared Owl Hutchings of Aberystwyth £504
Curlew and Snipe Hutchings of Aberystwyth £1,020A pair of Great Crested Grebes by Lowne £540Rowland Ward: A model of a preserved Trout £456 A pike in a bow front case by Barnes £504
Black Stork 220Fox Mask Winter Coat by AJ Armitstead 185Badgers mask by Salkeld 68.50Wild Dog head mount by Gerrard 350
Tench by John Cooper 385Purple Gallinule by J Ponchaud in Christchurch 102Albatross Head by Henry Ward 340 David Kenningale Kestrel 80
David Kenningale Sparrowhawk 100David Kenningale Little Owl 90David Kenningale Teal 85David Kenningale Barn Owl 75
David Kenningale Tawny Owl 75Kestrel by Hutchinson of Derby 80Stoats in ermine by James Gardner 180EF Spicer Thrush 75
Pike by John Cooper 640Perch by John Cooper 480Hutchings mixed case including Short Eared Owl and corvids 620English Partidge by James Hutchings 520
Blackcock by James Hutchings 540Dogs head by Quatremain 286Albino Swallow by H Shaw of Shrewsbury 50Woodcock by Lowne of Yarmouth 160
Peregrine by J.A.Cole of Norwich 127Kestrel by J.A.Cole of Norwich 63Exotic mixed case of birds by James Hutchings that includes 2 Cock of the Rock's 260, yup 260, bit of a joke for such a case but clearly we all missed that one. Next time!!!.Great Northern Diver in summer plumage 156
Kingfisher by TE Gunn 65Badly faded Hutchings case containing a Curlew, Oystercatcher and Tern 450.Mixed case of birds by EF Spicer that includes Jay, Lapwing Tawny Owl 261. Interestingly we were offered this case prior to auction and it marginally made more than our original estimate.Barn Owl and Kestrel by Cole of Norwich 160
Perch by Lowne of Yarmouth 160Virtually faded white Short Eared Owl by TE Gunn 300Case of mixed British Birds by unknown taxidermist 260Pike by John Cooper & Sons 560, the last one offered to us by a dealer was for 2000. Must have been a special one?.
Fox stalking Mallard hen and 5 ducklings 1315Carved Trout by H Murray of Carnforth 1370Grey Heron, Kingfisher and Water Rail by James Hutchings 280Fox and Grey Patridge by James Hutchings 250
Fox and Grey Partridge by James Hutchings 160Gannet with chick by Small of Edingurgh (for sale again due to non payment first time around) 250, so for 500Red Grouse by Peter Spice 1,141.37. The combination of moorland heather / rocks with a grassland watercolour does seem a strange Juxtaposition.Ptarmigan by Malloch of Perth 600
Large Tortoise 0Pair of Eagle Owls by Hutchings 1220Trio of Tench by Homer 510Glossy Ibis (Black Curlews and previously known) 220
Leopard Skin by Rowland Ward 240Mounted head Jack Russell terrier circa 1900 by Hutchinson of Derby 102 Pair of Pheasants by James Hutchings 143, getting cheaper by the day.Pigeons (tiplers) mounted by Cole of Norwich 75
Red Squirrel by Lowne of Yarmouth 74Barbel by John Cooper 986Pike by Homer 553Trout by John Cooper 390
Heron by James Hutchings 200Red Throated Diver by James Hutchings 500Pike by Homer 360Fox by Murray of Carnforth 1014
Badger & Stoat with Dunnock prey (very bright yellow groundwork) by James Hutchings 300Barbel by John Cooper & Sons dated 1925, 1625Polecat by Lowne of Great Yarmouth 22, yup 22.00Fox wih Rabbits, commonly known as "ambush" by Jefferies 180. The last case acquired by this artist made 750. You do the math.
Albino Snipe in pictureframe case 56Rowland Ward Bear Skull 300Tawny Owl by Jefferies 69.77Kingfisher by Malloch of Perth in pictureframe case 104
Green Woodpecker by Brazenor of Brighton 36 Green Sandpipers acquired from Finland 77Letterhead from Lewis Hutton 22Victorian Numbat 347
Fox mask by Thomas Salkeld 36Mixed case by Thomas Jefferies including Nightjar 120Otter Mask by Peter Spicer 180Fox Mask by Peter Spicer 145.17
Tiger Head by Rowland Ward 775Waxwings by JA Cole 102Avocet 140Mothed Peregrine Falcon head by Rowland Ward 104
Golden Eagle by unnknown taxidermist 718Mouse fishing by Armitstead 166Buzzard with Rabbit prey by Jefferies of Camarthern 102Mouse fishing by Armitstead 181
Mixed case with two Tawny Owls by E Allen 155Gorilla death mask again 108Dotterel by Lee Yafano 480Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons 6404, which frankly is enough.
McCleay letter 60Letter by Lewis Hutton 22Hen Harrier by Hollis 190Eel in bow fronted case 99, modern copy.
Trout by Mountney of Cardiff 92Spicer Fox mask 31Pike by AS Hutchinson of Derby 137Fox head by J W Quatremain 32. Not so long ago this would have been fought over.
Postcard from Williams of Dublin 107Great Northen Diver & Black Throated Diver by John Cooper & Sons 2040Hutchings Fox with Pigeon prey 205 (but suggesting from the negative feedback the buyer received it did not sell)Hutchings Woodpigeons (Abberation) and Pheasant 72 (oh yes another fine price realised)
A cased Otter head mount by Peter Spicer & Sons, Leamington 320 (the potential here for a faker abounds!!!)Taxidermist's jounal 1840's-1856 1220Merlin and Kestrel by McCleay 384Gannet & Diver by McCleay 624
Peregrine with Grouse prey by McCleay 476Peregrine with Grouse prey by McCleay 360Hornbills by McCleay 360Crowned Crane by McCleay of Inverness 360
Van Ingen Jackal Head 300Brazenor Badger cased 52.02, not the best example but very cheap nonethelessRowland Ward Sportsmans handbook 26Slavonian Grebe in winter plumage 100
Nightjar and Little Owl by Farren of Cambridge 130Pair of Cormorants by Williams of Dublin 500, the auction house was over the moon.Uncased Kingfisher in flight by TE Gunn of Norwich 127Salmon by Bill Cox of Liverpool 490
Wildcat by Small of Edinburgh. Case needed repair but 132, is surprisingly low.Cock Merlin by Rowland Ward in 5 sided glass case. Valued at 550 and sold for 450Leach's Petrels by Pratt of Brighton 523, we bid but too rich for us.4 Dotterels cased by Hope of Edinburh 430
Butter dish presented to TE Gunn 274Rowland Ward Turnstone 123Buzzard by Thomas Salkeld 360Great Hornbill 297
Thomas Hall Half Penny Token 53Roach by F.W. Anstiss 190Peter Spicer & Sons Fox 1936. Head 321Chris Frost's 1981 original book 90
Rabbits (White) by Jefferies of Camarthen 180Mixed corner case including Water Rail / Spotted Crake and Snipe by James Gardner 440Mixed case by James Hutchings including Kittiwake & Lapwing 218Ptarmigan, with a Peter Spicer lable to the rear of the case 2160
Hobby attributed to Peter Spicer 1800Chub by John Cooper 280Copy of a Dodo 3500, purchased by a "museum".Pink Footed Goose by Pashley of Cley 245
Fox and Rabbit by Peter Spicer 800Tern by Roberts of Norwich 92Bittern by James Hutchings 650Pheasant, Barn Owl, Lapwing and Water Rail by Jefferies 90
Large mixed case by Jefferies including a Bittern 360Badger by Jefferies 170Peacock by Jefferies 800Fox with prey by James Hutchings 380
Cock and Hen Pheasant by Jefferies 240Lapwing and Chicks by Pratt of Brighton 145, sold to Italy. Thought people out there wanted to "save it for the nation".ummmmPair of Hoopoes, could be by Pashley of Cley 155Rabbit by James Hutchings 112
Snipe by Leddot 169Buzzard by Jefferies 56 Lammergeier or Bearded Vulture 2309Great Spotted Woodpecker by Jack Fishwick 85
Spotted Crake cased by Jack Fishwick, 77.00, now this person regularly wins UK taxidermy championships and frankly that sale price is insulting.Little Owls by James Hutchings 1560Bissopp of Oban letter invoice dated 1912 but torn 157Pair of Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons 2400. Our man on the ground had some reservations. He suggested that those who won might have been better viewing the item first. Lovely image though on the internet.
Pair of Choughs by Farren of Cambridge 528Jay by Walter Lowne of Gt Yarmouth 160Fox head by Peter Spicer 66. People say that prices are not dropping. Yeah right!!!!Fox with chickhen prey by Jefferies 57.75
Mixed case of British ducks by Jefferies of Camathen 159Kingfisher by TE Gunn, did not sell for 200Pair of Bitterns 302Trio of English Partridge in the style of Rowland Ward 87.55
Modern Ruppells Vulture 2171Kestrel with vole prey 104Barn Owl with vole prey 134Trout by TE Gunn in bow fronted case 354
Beeeaters by Cole of Norwich 424, nice case shame we did not win it.Nightjars with chicks by John Cooper & son 710. We expected that these would acheived more given that they featured in Frosts book, but we have seen better examples by GunnLong Eared Owls by Cole of Norwich 456. Nice case but clearly not to the same standard as TE Gunn.Peter Spicer Fox mask on wooden shield 60
Peter Spicer Fox mask on wooden shield 40Peter Spicer Fox mask on wooden shield 90Bar Tailed Godwit in summer plumage 260Ferox Trout by John Cooper and Sons 210
Hobby by Spicer & Sons 470Fox by Hutchings 423Case of Guillemmot / Razorbill 117Shopland Buzzard. Good to see A Henry's old bird making an appearance 164
Curlew 50Stoat and Rabbit by Lowne of Great Yarmouth 40.00 on Ebay, much more elsewhere. Yes it is Lowne, but then we are only relative expertsBarn Owl by TE Gunn 140Peregrine Falcon 110
Honey Glider 140Bittern 160Bittern 80Hutchings Heron 200
Bishop of Oban Sea birds 100Turnstones by James Gardner 150Curlew by James Gardner 150Leopard skin rug 260
Colobus Monkey skin rug 460Pair of Rough Legged Buzzards 220Roach by Peter Spicer & Sons 410Chimpansee by Farren of Cambridge 1040
Chubb cased (Bowfronted) by John Cooper & Sons 420Mothed James Gardner Otter 124Sparrowhawks (faded) by McCleay of Inverness 324Pike (17lbs) by John Cooper & Sons 325
Pair of Spicer Peregrines with Red Grouse prey 4000Brown Trout, likely to be by Homer 310Pair of Brown Trout by John Cooper & Sons dated 1912 750Mixed case of Woodland birds by James Hutchings 150
Cased Brown Trout 210Badger by James Gardner 150Koala Bear by James Gardner 2300Pair of John Cooper Rudd 510. We were expecting to pay more for these but as stated anything of quality will be purchased.
Budgie by Rowland Ward 163Set of 20 Watercolours by George Herd, taxidermist to TE Gunn. 160Green Woodpecker by Farren 22Widgeon by Peter Spicer, 150. Got to be one of the cheapest to date. Thanks very much.
Arctic Skua by Robert Duncan 300Single cased spotted Brown Trout by John Cooper. 240. Cannot understand why so little.Little Terns by TE Gunn 240"Peregrine Falcon, `Falco peregrinus, Nocton Wood, Lincolnshire, 1925`" 140. Perhaps not as valuable as once thought.
Golfball killing a Linnet by Pratt & Sons, Brighton 580. Rare Victorian cased Linnet and Eureka 27 guttie golf ball c1890 – by Naturalists Pratt & Son Brighton – on the side panel there is hand written label describing the unfortunate event at Mitcham Golf Club July 15th 1890 which reads “ with Major O’Grady and they -- -- -- an exciting foursomes all square at the 17th hole at which I drove a good ball-only went 40 yards hit the Linnet and cut the head off - the bird and ball fell into -- -- -- Bush. Lost the hole and match and one full sovereign signed – S”Gannet by John Cooper 450Rowland Ward exotic case with Quetzel 1900Heath Hen re-cased 1800
Pair of cased Tiger heads 3200Otter with trout in mouth by John Cooper 1500Sawinson's Lorikeet by Rowland Ward in 5 sided glass case 300Large case of faded sea-birds by George Butt 80, value being added elsewhere we see
Pair of Jays with the wrong colour eyes by James Hutchings 320Long Eared Owl and scruffy Barn Owl by James Hutchings 280Salmon by Malloch of Perth 28012lbs Pike by John Cooper & Sons (Griggs) dated 1949. 1000. Very nice fish, image to follow.
Pair of Jays by EF Spicer 36Antique stuffed dog 408Sparrowhawk by EF Spicer 123Short Eared Owl by Cole 107
Cullingford Spotted Crake 73Pair of White Pheasnts by Rowland Ward 250Jay by James Hutchings possibly 155Herring Gull by Jefferies of Camarthen 230
Perch in wrap around glass case 310English Partridges by John Cooper 370Bar Tailed Godwits by John Cooper 660Little Grebes by John Cooper 420
Teal springing with watercolour backdrop 75Grey Heron by James Hutchings 210Goldfinch By Shopland Of Torquay 84Red Legged Partridge.Labelled By Ashmead London 137
1958 J.Cooper & Sons Cased Chub 350Rowland Ward Badger in 5 sided glass case 350A fox hound head mounted on an oval felt shield, taxidermist's label on verso 'J. Spicer Manufacturer of Artificial Birds and Eyes to the Trade, Preserver of all Kinds of Birds and Beasts, Jury Street, Warwick', also manuscript label describing the hound, its breeder and its place of death (Warwickshire 1864), 340Victorian dome of Cotinga's, only really fly tying interest, hence the price 2600
Large case of Australian Parrots 3000Pike in flat fronted case by J Cooper 400Long Eared Owl by J Cooper 260Roach by J Cooper 280
Chub by J Cooper 500A Heron by W. A. Macleay & Son, Inverness 160Hippo's foot doorstop, mounted with a single molar 170An Indian Wild Dog by Van Ingen of Mysore 280
Common Carp by Homer of London 280large but early seabird case by James Hutchings 520Brent Goose and Arctic Skua by James Hutchings 300Fox with Rabbit prey by Lewis Hutton of Bristol 88.00, due entirely to fading which is a shame.
Red Fox by Peter Spicer & Sons ??????0Great Crested Grebe by Henry Shaw 220Oystercatcher by Rowland Ward 160African Olive Green Pigeon 380
Sandwich Tern and chick 140Pike in Case By B. Williams 1985. It made 69 pounds, what can we say?Short Eared Owl suggested by Cooper 160Tawney Owl in dome by James Hutchings 205
Really bad John Cooper Goldfinch 97.99Chub by John Cooper dated 1949 in bow fronted case 505Pike by Pratt of Brighton 330Peter Spicer Sparrowhawk with Crossbill prey 1099. This is a fantastic case and perhaps the end price reflects current market conditions?.
Pair of Cock of the Rock by Rowland Ward in pictureframe case 700Large pike by John Cooper & Sons 710Pair of faded Capercaille but attractive case 440Abberation House Martin in wall dome 241
Barbel by John Cooper circa 1940's 830Barn Owl by Lewis Hutton 56Pied Blackbird by John Cooper, which was sadly mothed 256Canary by Murray of Carnforth 220
Crocodile Angling Cup won by FE Gunn 206Badly mounted Snowy Owls by Bazeley 600Rowland Ward seabird case, mothed 580Pheasants by Cook 220
Lewis Hutton Pine Marten and Hares 360Swift, needle tailed 260Partridge by Edwin Ward 160White Pheasant 160
Shelduck 260Great Bustard 900Mixed birds by Gardner 440Pike in flat fronted case 200
Pike 360Pike Bazeley 220Pike Bazeley 340Cooper Roach 400
Large case of seabirds in winter plumage 1300Badly mothed caseof south American birds 1350Black Grouse and Ptarmigan 280Ruffed Grouse 400
Buzzard & Partridge by Leadbetter 380 Phalaropes Bazeley 300Badger by Bazeley 200Capercaille by Wright 480
Barn Owls 350Rowland Ward Gulls 700Salmon Bazeley 180Lady Amhurst Pheasant by Bazeley 550
White Pheasant 70Badger Rabbit and Stoat160Tatty Golden Eagle 520Upland Goose 140
Great Bustard and Divers 340Pike in flat fronted case 120Fox in ambush 140Mothed Bittern 320
Egrets by Bazeley 800Large mixed case of birds, mostly junk 180Female Gargeney 160Fox and Badger as cubs 220
Large case of Afican birds by Ashmead 1550Albino Partridge 200Rowland Ward albino Partridge 320Ruffe in bow fronted case 420
3 cased fish 400Leopard Head by Ashmead 1450Hen Harriers 400Lesser Black Backed Gulls 70
Grey Hen 70Gadwall 80Little Auks in winter plumage 420Red Grouse and Red Throated Diver 140
Manx Shearwater 100Crossbills 220Quail 160Redwings 180
Snew by Bazeley showing signs of moth damage 380Black Wing Stilt 180Ruff by Bazeley 350Chaffinch with nest by Bazeley 320
Ringed Plovers by Bazeley 180Little Stints by Bazeley 160Lapwingd by Bazeley 140Yellowhammers by Bazeley 220
Turnstones by Bazeley 100Thrush family by Bazeley 240Black Redstarts by Bazeley 240Goldeneye male by Bazeley 160
Sandpipers by Bazeley 200Herring gulls with chicks by Bazeley 400Herring Gull contorted / tortured by Bazeley 220Roach / Perch by Bazeley 420
Otter by Bazeley 450Jack Snipe by Bazeley 1805 ducks by Bazeley 160Tench by Bazeley 180
Ring Ouzel 220 Pelican case by Ashmead 2700Pike 380Pike 400
Hawks both drab and tatty 420Badly mothed cased of Herons and Bittern 240Pheasant 80Rubbish Tufted duck 120
Female Marsh Harrier 380Trout by Bazeley 100Mirror Carp by Bazeley 2202 Pike by Bazeley 240
Black Grouse 140Hawks by James Gardner 500 Pike by Bazeley 260Bittern and Little Bittern 260
Bream by John Cooper 1300Narwall Tusk 5200Hobby by Bazeley 300Albino Squirrel by Bazeley 300
Perch by John Cooper 320Dace by Jones 1300Dace by Jones 750Trout and 2 Selin 1000
Jay by Bazeley 140Great Grey Shrikes by Bazeley 200Reeves Pheasant by Bazeley 380Great Skua by Bazeley 320
Fox with prey by Bazeley 320Bearded Vulture by Bazeley 3100TG Gunn Amazon Parrot 420Whale Skull 420
Peter Spicer Hounds head 3700Victorian Hornbill, attributed to Henry Ward 1100Oystercatchers by Peter Spicer 750Snowy Owl by Peter Spicer, did not sell 0
Sparrowhawk suggested by Henry Murray 120Black Cock by Peter Spicer, well not of Leamington Spa anyway 400English Partridge by Peter Spicer 200Mergansers in winter scene by TE Gunn 35
Teal scene by TE Gunn 60Spotted Kiwi by James Gardner 1800Peter Spicer Grouse with chicks 180, well thats what it was bought for, perhaps not what is being offered for.Channel Billed Toucan, attributed to Henry Ward 100
Bearded Tits with young by TE Gunn 1600Wall hanging domes by TE Gunn 300Spanish Bull's head 625Spanish Bull's head 650
Long Eared Owl by John Cooper 132James Hutchings Fox with grey hen prey 530Pair of Rudd by Bary Williams 130Peregrine with Teal prey by Barry Williams of Cannock 200
Lioness skull 350dome of uncased tropical birds 1000Perch by Homer in need of restoration 240Peter Spicer Rd Grouse with chicks. Nice case 500, from Faggin's antiques to serious collector, perhaps for serious money also.
"Pomerain" Bream by John Cooper 220, cheap but ugly.Large case of Hummingbirds (130 plus birds) 4600Perch by Homer 506Quetzel by James Gardner 1500
Fox with Mallard prey by James Hutchings 570Fox with Woodcock prey by James Hutchings 220Kingfishers by James Hutchings 1350Large decorative case by ward of exotic birds. Starting bid of 3500 to sweep away the dealer mugs. Case sold to private collector for 8000. Clearly nomorebargins.
Large dome of tropical birds from Dukes auction 740Red Kite by Rowland Ward 1600Peregrines by Williams of Dublin 550Bittern by Williams of Dublin 625
Pair of Bitterns could be by Lowne 320Case Redstart and Ringed Plovers with chicks 300TE Gunn Heron and Water Rail 540French Partridge by Peter Spicer 270
Fine pair of Spicer Kestrels 1600Badger by Henry Shaw 170Peter Spicer Barn Owl 520Pair of Smew by Rowland Ward vandalised by Geoffrey Campbell-Black 50
Buzzard with Barn Owl by Hutchings 312Pike by John Cooper 478Hutchings Taxidermy Buzzard with Partridge Prey 175taxidermy dog head on plaque. collie 304
Major Mitchells Cockatoo by Rowland Ward 460Common Buzzard by Cullingford 49Wagtail 190Quetzel 2200
Heron by Hutchings 360Red Squirrels by Hutchings 180Barn Owl by H Murray 500Tawny Owl 140
McCleay Ptarmigan 360McCleay Grouse 340H Murray seabird case 2400Steppe Eagle by Cooper 2200
Rowland Ward Hare mask 160Trio of Roach by Cooper 650. Hammer price, we were the underbidders.Pike and Bleak by Homer 2900Lapwings by James Hutchings 170
Leopard skin rug by Vaningen 1500Red Squirrels by Hutchings 120Barn Owl and Tawny Owl by Hutchings 300Curlew by Hutchings 130
Pine Marten by Murray 140Red Throated Diver 70Kingfishes by Hope 320Kestrel and Long Eared Owl by Hope 420
Trout by Cooper 360Barble 1200Pair of Tench by Cooper 1200Bream by Cooper 280
Rudd by Cooper 900Chubb by Cooper 380Pike by Cooper 550Trout in bow fronted case 200
Crucian Carp by Cooper 3800A selection of Duncan / Cullingford cases 8 in total also sold recently for 1300Bittern by TE Gunn 17000Barn Owl by TE Gunn 310
Guillemott by TE Gunn 250Skua by TE Gunn 250Kingfishers in Dome by TE Gunn 480Buzzard in Dome by TE Gunn 240
Red Kite by Salkeld 800Long Eared Owl 150Kittiwake by Roberts 150Mandarin Duck by Cooper 300
Waxwings by Allen of York 220Ring Ouzels by Luckraft 260Quetzels in a dome 1300Pair of Teal 85
Common Tern and chicks by Cooper 580Pair of Bitterns 750Pair of Monal Pheasants 600Avocet by Lowne 210
Pair of Gargeney Teal by John Cooper in bow fronted case 170Black Headed Gull by TE Gunn 120Teal by Hine of Southport 430Pair of Tawny Owls by Murray of Carnforth 400. Seller was over the moon when they discoved what Murray cases really sell for and no doubt the buyer when they realise the add value margin. Still that's dealers for you, all that added value.
Pair of Cullingford White Pheasants in separate cases 160 for the pair.000

Taxidermy Auctions TOP TIP

Here's a top tip for those wishing to participate in UK auctions. If you wish to win the item, you need to keep your hand up the longest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We would not recommend "stepping out" as it is not worth it in the long run. Another informative gem from the T4C auction team.

Taxidermy Auctions 2011

Been a bit of a mixed bag this year. Junk making thousands and quality making what junk should have made. Why oh why are people paying the prices for those domes full of mothy tatty exotic birds?, are you "special"???. Bazeley, perhaps not the best made good money for what is essentially inferior work compared to Hutchings, Cooper or Rowland Ward. Perhaps not the best items to buy if you are a dealer as the margin if any was eroded when you bought it. Peter Spicer cases have also either done very well and or very badly. Hutchings cases are still surpressed due entirely to mass production as is the stunning work by John Cooper, which always never ceases to amaze how low it can sell for. If you are cash rich now is the time to buy and if your skint, hold your nerve perhaps. Oh and people ruffled feathers and feathers in the cases normally mean moth damage, not the bird going through it annual molt, its dead remember.

Beware the long distance Huffa & Puffa

Here's something to amuse and reported to us by numerous sellers. Why would a person drive say a round trip of 100 -150 miles just to tell you that the item they then see in front of them offered by you is less than perfect. Perhaps they are doing you a favour? by offering you practically nothing for it?, again why make the trip, ultruism?. We would suggest perhaps not. Perhaps they are trying to grab a bargain, remember people, there are NO MORE BARGAINS. If someone says it is nice but.........., the but means you are going to have your bum smacked on price. Just a thought, as dealers are there solely to make a margin for dealers, nothing more than that really.

General Taxidermy observations as to value

November 2010 onwards has seen a steady and un-relenting decline in the "value" of taxidermy, with perhaps the exception of Peter Spicer and some of the more rarer items of fish (we know of course) produced by the likes of John Cooper and Bertie Griggs. Provenance also plays an important element in retained "value" and where possible invoices, letters and images should be retained when you are deciding to sell the item you have. It does make a difference.
Now it could be argued that this is limited data and rather jaundiced as it does not include Rhino (Are horns on shields really taxidermy?) and big game. And.... you would be completely right in your observations to that effect. If you don't like the data, go create your own!!!!. This is just a personal view based upon nearly 10 years of collating such information. Another general observation is typically and I use the term typically a collector will state this case is by ...... and its value is ........ Who cares, we don't. We can only tell what our respective collections cost. Value is meaningless as on the whole, THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE. Again by far the greatest single artist to fall in "value" is James Hutchings, the "Caveat" being that rarer species still rally, but the industrial nature of production means that Foxes by example are very common and therefore have significantly reduced in value. John Cooper (fish taxidermist) has also faired less well, due in part to forgeries and also the state of the market. Cheapest Cooper pike recently sold for £300 and Trout, Tench and Roach are now in the 250-350 region, a massive decline from the heady days of £850 plus.....Strange given the resurgence of interest in taxidermy broadly. Perhaps good if you are buying (collector) and less good if you are selling (dealer). One location where prices have recently gone BONKERS is Australia, one can only deduce "supply v demand". We feel that people need to be more realistic as to price acheived these days. Better still retain the items and do not sell as it is a buyers market with what is frankly a discreationary purchase. Pay the mortgage or buy a case?.

Peter Spicer

Peter Spicer have always tended to command higher prices due in part to their less industrial nature of production. That said the fox, hare and otter masks have been produced in very large numbers over the years. We feel that the spicer cases reflect who is bidding and who thinks is bidding rather than the quality conveyed in each case. There are some better quality taxidermists out there like Cullingford, Murray, Thorpe, Ward, but "Spicer" appears to bring out the inner child in people, with all the character traits contained therein. Bit play-ground mentality which does amuse. Perhaps some should stick to playing conkers. The birds themselves are pretty average from a "taxidermied" perspective. By example not using the correct beak / eye / foot colours and using specimens that were caught in "pole-traps" with the resultant amputated look, doesn't really work when viewed with a trained eye. It is the combination of groundwork / and perspectives used by the watercolours that combine to create a pleasing effect, as without that combination then its just average work. Now you may disagree, but remember this is just one persons perspective. If you like Peter Spicers work, that's fine also.
It has to be stated here that some modern European taxidermists work is far superior to both that created in the UK and most of the work produced by Peter Spicer. It is a shame that they are simply not interested in the groundwork / background combination. If they did then truly it would be some of the finest collectible work around. I suppose Spicer's work is decorative when viewed as a whole but borkern down into component parts then it has its faults. Cullingford on the other hand did not have anything to hide the taxidermy with. Austere cases, so the birds had to be feather perfect, which they tend to be. He did however have a tendancy to also put Grebes on their backsides which is a pity.

James Hutchings


Recent auction (September 2011) of Hutching's and Jeffery's cases yeilded little more than £100 per case, so unless you are really thick then we suggest you buy from auctions rather than dealers as at the moment these prices are a steal. An interesting development on prices that we would like to share. We recently offered to purchase two Hutchings cases, namely a Heron, Water Rail and & Kingfisher in one case and a Fox with English Partridge in the other. Not exactly rare but nice items all the same. We offered £600 for both cases. Yup that's £300 each for the hard of thinking. The seller, after accepting the initial offer, then elected to offer them at auction, presumably under the impression that they would make more. Indeed they sold recently for a combined total of £440. Take away the sellers commission at 15% and you are left with £377. Minus the effort to get them to the auction house (petrol) £20 and you are left with £357. We declined to bid at auction but were very interested in the sale results. Perhaps we are offering too much these days?. The seller would have needed to acheive £700 at auction to beat out offered price and frankly that we never going to happen, not these days.

Also the cheapest James Hutchings Fox with Partridge prey sold at auction recently fetched 90.00 (April 2009). We wonder if this price will be "improved upon". In 2003-2005, these pieces routinely made 500-700 and in a few cases these made in excess of £1200. As a crumb of comfort for those who feel that this is a sound investment, the rest of the economy is doing even worse, but given that this is discretionary purchase (mortgages and bills / loans etc taking precedent for most) this it should not be a surprise to see this unfold. We have certainly encountered a massive hike in the number of cases being offered privately.

Also the cheapest James Hutchings case offered in open auction has to be the Abberation Woodpigeon, conventional Woodpigeon and Pheasant. We are assuming that most of you would have seen it, if not tough. Anyway it made (drummmmm rollllllllllll) 72.00. Very little to add to that. Since 2003 prices for victorian taxidermy have gone from an average of £860 per case to £450 per case as we see today. Now not wishing to dispel the hopefulls who feel that taxidermy is a sound investment, we would recommend to perhaps think again. Our advice is collect it because you like it, if it makes money over time then clearly you will be "up". However certain peoples mindset is stuck in 2003 and likewise their expectation as to "value". Deluded is a term that springs to mind. When certain people describe "value" what they are in fact is referring to cost. As one prominent person once said "people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing"

Here is a good example of value verses cost or cost verses value. Immaculate Rowland Ward Barnacle Goose (see Rowland Ward page for image was £85.00 from Andy Henry in 2003 (long story and yes he was alive, so no bottom feeding at his auction). Now is that it's value or cost.?

Rumours have it that the Farm house in Wales, the origin of sooo many cases by James Hutchings has burnt down. It appears that no more cases will eminate from that source in the future.

Pheasants by Leadbetter of London, this is a Victorian case.

Ptarmigan by Lewis Hutton of Bristol. This is a Victorian case.

Great Crested Grebe by Peter Spicer. Another cased gem, that is both fresh to the market and not for sale. Restoration required and it will look fantastic again.

ITEMS WANTED. Please respond via this on-line form HERE with a description of what you have for sale.


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William Borrer
H Murray of Carnforth
Victorian Taxidermy

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