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Perhaps the finest reproduction egg creator in the UK currently. Graham now regularly undertakes commissions for film companies, museums worldwide and educational establishments, as well a collectors of fine taxidermy. This does however make his work in high demand and given that each egg is hand crafted he now has a significant waiting list. On the desk in front of Graham are Golden Eagle egg, Red and Black Throated Divers, Buzzards, Peregrine eggs, Merlin eggs, Kestrel eggs, Cirl Buntings and Crossbills

Another completed batch for taxidermists /collectors whole want quality faux eggs for their cased specimens. Eggs in this batch include, Merlins,Kestrels, Hobbies, Peregrine Falcons, Goshawks and Golden Eagles

Modern case of Guillemots, in close up. This image is to demonstrate how the eggs are used in dioramas. They can however be housed in drawers, typical of the more conventional Victorian collecting.

Guillie 1[1] [640x480].JPG
The last Guillemot egg for the above case, then this case can be glazed and finished.

Guillie 2[1] [640x480].JPG
The last Guillemot egg for the above case, then this case can be glazed and finished. Same egg, just a different view.

Raven[1] [640x480].JPG
Ravens eggs with one required to be brokern. These eggs will be used for a pending costume drama, a remake of Wuthering Heights is Emily Brontė's novel.

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We get asked to recommend Bird Taxidermists in the UK and America. This craftsman produces modern egg creations, given that it is now illeagal to collect birds eggs from the wild and also to sell Victorian taxidermy cases that contain real eggs. Therefore for taxidermists to create modern dioramas that contain eggs, reproductions eggs are the only way to achieve this result. However they are life like, we hope you enjoy this page.

Over the years has developed a distinctive style of creating these eggs. Each egg is meticulously observed in terms of size and dimensions. An exact plasticene replica of the subject matter is created by hand. This replica is then placed in the fridge to harden the shape off , prior to creating a mould from it. Please remember that these eggs are NOT real but copied to perfectrion by perhaps the best proponent at this art form. All the eggs are hand made by a true artist in this field.

The Great Auk

Great Auk by Henry Shaw.

After much "arm bending", it has been agreed that Graham Axon will undertake a complete re-creation of the last remaining Great Auk eggs. This limited edition of 50 complete sets will be offered on a first come first served basis. The collection will be a meticulous reproduction of these eggs in every detail. They will be placed in a display case when completed. Each set will be individually numbered and signed by the artist If you are interested in acquiring what is perhaps the first re-creation of the complete collection of these eggs then email this site and your enquiry will be passed on. This collection will NOT be repeated. Each order will be undertaken in strict sucession to when they were requested. Remember these eggs are not to be confused with lesser quality reproductions. Each egg can take as much as 2 days to produce, but then quality can never be rushed.

Great Auk replica eggs.

Great Auk egg, now extinct.

Great Auk in the middle, Razorbil and Gullimott eggs by Graham Axon.

Great Auks with egg in the Booth Museum.

Victorian Egg restoration service

This is a new service offered to musuems and holders of legal historic birds eggs. These eggs can be repaired flawlessly thus preserving for reference purposes eggs that can no longer be taken from the wild. Should you require this service then please contact the site and we will pass your details on. We will not entertain repairing modern eggs which are illeagal to now own.

Eggs being repaired. Left to right. The Black Crowned Night Herons eggs were badly damaged. the center image shows the eggs repaired and on the right is an Osprey egg which had the bottom completely smashed out of it.

Black Necked Swan, restoration of the eggs

broke[1] [640x480].JPG
Original cracked eggs that were considered beyond repair.

broke[3] [640x480].JPG
Initial stages of the repair.

broke[2] [640x480].JPG
nearly completed, just need the reference shots to get the colour blend correct.

broke(4] [640x480].JPG
Completed eggs.

More reproduction eggs

Black Headed Gulls, nest eggs and chicks in detail, by A.J.Armitstead dated November 2006. More detailed appraisal of Tony's work then go to the page on this site. These birds are not for sale. The eggs are reproductions by the way.

Oystercatcher eggs.

Blackheaded Gull eggs by Graham Axon.

Osprey eggs to the left and Honey Buzzard eggs.

A 2mm hollow resin replica is then created from the mould and then hand painted a hole is then drilled into the side of the hollow form to allow gases to escape and stop the reproduction egg from splitting. By creating hollow eggs this allows light to partly diffuse through the membrane / shell, making them more like the real thing, unlike those made from either wood or plaster which look solid and thereore dull. The difference between Graham's eggs and the real thing is that they tear, instead of shattering when hit hard.
Graham then uses wildlife pictures and or old Victorian egg collections loaned by museums to finish the replicas off to the exact colours required. These eggs are then used by the Taxidermy trade to create more realistic wildlife scenes.Below are some examples of his work.

Golden Eagle eggs.

Museum eggs copied by Graham Axon. One tray of eggs are the real ones that date from 1870's and the other are Graham's modern copies. Can you tell which are which?. Some of the species listed above are Choughs, Black Throated Diver, Red Throated Diver, Jacana's (Lillytrotters), Puffin, Sandwich Tern, Lapwing, Redhank and Woodcock.

Peregrine Falcon eggs. There is one infertile egg in this fake clutch that was donated by a Falconry centre to create the rest. Which one is it?.

Herring Gull Eggs.

Black Throated and Red Throated Divers.

Cornish Chough.

Whimbrel and Dunlin.

Great Auk in the middle, Razorbil and Gullimott eggs.

Great Auk egg, now extinct.

Herring Gull egg.

A selection of reproduction Guillimot eggs, showing the variants you get with this bird.

How the reproductions eggs are used in modern Taxidermy

Black Headed Gull with eggs.

Curlew from the GCB collection and recased by Roger Fisher with eggs.


Pair of Ringed Plovers with eggs. Victorian case. These eggs are real and are for comparison only. It is permitted to keep these cases in the UK, providing that it can be proved that the case was produced before 1947. The sale of real eggs in the UK however is illeagal and rightly so. This is why artist such as Graham produce these items, which is far more preferable than taking actual birds eggs from the wild.

Pair of Lapwings, eggs and chick by A J Armitstead, December 2004. The detail, as you can see is superb, even down to lapwings flying in the field within the watercolour
Kestrel by Roger Fisher and eggs.

Lapwings by Roger Fisher and eggs.

Great Black Backed Gull by Roger Fisher, and eggs.

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