Taxidermy Law

Taxidermy Law

Taxidermy Law

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The law has also caught up and rightly so with this trade. There are restrictions on the sale and trade of endangered species. The US and the UK, in my opinion have the most comprehensive sets of legislation currently in force. Again these can be researched easily and comprehensively on the internet.

My suggestion to those who are seeking to begin to collect taxidermy is firstly:
• To understand the laws governing the trade
• Seek out good exponents of the art form
• Make sure that the Victorian taxidermy items purchased are no infected with insects
• Research both dealers and collectors on the internet and when confident go
to specialist auction, eBay and purchase from private taxidermy collectors.

Victorian case of Male and Female Crossbills by FC Waters of Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.

Taxidermy Law

By Kim McDonald:

(Legal Liaison Officer for the UK Guild of Taxidermists)


Kim McDonald.

These are the words / opinions of Kim MacDonald

A confidential service for the trader & collector or to the Enforcement Agencies and authorities where expert advise and knowledge is required. This company or individual cannot accept any responsibility for information given that is either misinterpreted by the author or the recipient, which is based on experience gained or on a matter of law where the precedence is yet to be decided by a Court of Law. It does however provide insight, which may be of some value. Numerous trades are subject to controls and taxidermy obviously is no exception.

However in this case the degree of control is often badly publicised by the relevant authorities. Even some of those in the trade are confused over the many regulations. On the other hand however, enforcement agencies such as the Police, RSPCA and RSPB are often well versed. The aim of this document is to provide a broad understanding of the issues and ease the confusion facing those that both collect and trade in taxidermy. Many items in the UK are currently being sold of offered for sale without the necessary and legally required licences.

We as a respected company and acknowledged experts in this trade are being called in by the authorities more and more to act as advisors to check the validity of certain specimens being offered for sale. With the introduction of enforcement instruments such as COTES (The control of trade in endangered species) and the recent CROW Act (The Countryside rights of Way Act 2000), the consequences of breaking the law have become even more serious. Higher fines and even custodial sentences are now all too possible. However it is not all doom and gloom, many items such as vermin, deer and fish (with one or two rare exceptions) are free from constraints.

Many "antiques" can be sold without fear, but not all.

This raises the question? - "What is an antique"? There are 2 main laws that cover the control of trade - many species (including all UK/European and some other Birds of Prey/Owls etc are listed on Annex "A" of EC Regs 338/97 (CITES) and will require an Article 10 Licence before selling; displaying for sale; keeping for sale; transporting for sale or displaying to the public for commercial gain. This legislation (EC Regulation 338/1997), which is still relevant, but has since been updated by EC Regulation 1808/2001. An exemption from licensing is granted for any "antique" specimen that has been mounted prior to 1/06/1947. Proof of age (provenance; documents etc) will need to be supplied if questioned. - Without that proof, a licence will be required. All UK bird species are covered by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and are traded under a General Licence - However some UK Mammals/Reptiles/Insects are covered by Schedule 5 of that Act & will require an individual licence to sell whatever their age. Two species by example, the European Otter and the Scottish Wildcat are covered by both regulations and are also now subject to the European Habitats directive. Foreign species (Exotics) may also require licences if regarded as modern mounts and may also require import documentation. We must not forget birds' eggs, the sale of which is PROHIBITED, by law.

Understandably the situation is somewhat confusing, but one this company comprehends. Our experience in this field has shown one thing - Prevention is infinitely better than cure. We can offer a service to Antique dealers, and Auction houses, or in fact anybody who is thinking of selling and buying protected species. It is in fact illegal to purchase items that do not have the necessary documentation; ordinarily the buyer(s) are covered by the seller's licence. Are you confident that the items being offered for sale do not require licences? If necessary are you able to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they are pre 1947? Unless you are certain, why not call us in before the Police pay you a visit. Services offered:- · Large collections down to single items checked and verified before you offer for sale. · Act as agents between the seller/Auction House and Defra where necessary. · We are accepted by Defra as experts in the trade and are an Approved Taxidermy Inspector by The Guild of Taxidermists. · Full valuation service for sale or insurance purposes.

If you are interested then please contact: -

You can of course visit the website and deal with Kim direct. www.TAXIDERMY LAW

Just a quick statement for all you Ebay fans who so frequently use the terms "The item pre-dates 1947", so it does not require a licence. To use the term in your defence is not enough. You, in order to use that term need to be able to prove, with the use of provenance that the items actually has been created before 1947. Otherwise the term and your ability to use the term is no defence.

US Scenario

CITIES forms the basis of this legislation although it appears that legislation to control and regulate the exploitation of wildlife goes back further in America than CITIES regulations. US law, in our opinion is more complex, stricter in terms of liability and far reaching in terms of applicability and age of specimens. There also appears to be quite a cost involved in applying for licences, whereas here in the UK it is currently free. For more information then we suggest that you visit the US Fish & Wildlife service. Just simply look them up on the net. Alternative ask questions relating to permits required in the forum section of the website Taxidermy Net.

This site contains very useful information on the Taxidermy Law in North America

Wonderfully restored case of North Atlantic Gannets, by unknown Victorian Taxidermist. These birds came from an auction house in Wales recently. The case has been cleaned, beaks and feet waxed, checked for insect infestation and generally tieded up. It should be regarded as a 100 years service. The results are as you can see.

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