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We decided to dedicate another specific page to the work of Peter Spicer and Peter Spicer & Sons, regarded by many as perhaps the finest Victorian taxidermist of his time. That said this firm was at the fore-front of british historical taxidermy exponents.

The aim of this webpage is to bring together the taxidermy work of Peter Spicer and the Peter Spicer Company so that you can appreciate the depth and extent of the work carried out. It is considered by many that this taxidermist is perhaps the finest british historical taxidermist of his time.
Whilst the overall aspects of the work produced by this person is considered to be of a high quality, many errors exist when considering the specimens on their own right. That said the overall compositions are pleasing to many, hence the prices that they command at auction, thats if you buy from auctions of course. In summary we do find his work honest and with artistic integrity.

For a definitive opinion on the work carried out by the firm of Peter Spicer and Sons, you would do well to purchase the book written by Mr R Chinnery. It cannot be over emphasised the contribution that Robert Chinnery has made to the re-vitalisation of this art form. His efforts both in collecting the work of Peter Spicer and the research undertaken whilst writting his book is unsurpassed in terms of the quality of the imagery and the detailed research undertaken. These books are collectors items in their own right.

Two excellent books by Rob Chinnery on both Peter Spicer and Peter Spicer & Sons and Taxidermy in general

theman [640x480].JPG
Mr Peter Spicer

General view of the Spicer workshop in Leamington Spa.

Antique historical Peter Spicer taxidermy cases and paintings by example. We hope you enjoy them

General view of the largest accumulation of the work of Peter Spicer and Spicer & Sons. This colection has since been disbanded but largely still remains in the UK.

Stoat in ermine by Peter Spicer. Another case acquired recently. We were also the under bidders on the Williams cases at the same auction. Win some lose some.

Mixed case of game birds by Peter Spicer.

Drake Widgoen by Peter Spicer & Sons.

surprisedbyspicer [640x480].JPG
Male Sparrowhawk and Fieldfare prey by Peter Spicer. This is oil rather than watercolour as normally encountered. We would love to show a much larger version by lesser individuals feel it appropriate to steal these images as if they were their own

Pair of Wigeon by Peter Spicer.

Spicer Fox mask, perhaps a Mascot for that particular naval vessel. Again image restricted due to bottom-feeders. We are going to do a section on "how to keep your taxidermy collection", written to aid those who face these challenges.

Waxwings by Peter Spicer. This pair have been re-patriated back to the UK. Magical example of his work and more will be featured, like the Woodcock on the Peter Spicer page.

European Hobby by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Very nice case of Foxes by EF Spicer.

Ptarmigan. This is a case by Peter Spicer, the quality is obvious, well to the relative experts that is. When victorian mounts age they develop a charm all of their own. Apparently this site is going downhill. Don't think so, it is the largest resource on the internet and free to all.

spicercapermalehen [640x480].jpg
Pair of Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons. We understand a much talked about case prior to the auction. The case itself is very large and overall the composition was disappointing. Had it been better then the person in the auction room on the day would have owned it, simple. Interesting observation, had the case not been advertised on the internet, it would have struggled to make £1000 in the room. We decided that it worth owning at around £1900 for the case alone, but were outbid.

Pair of Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons.

spicercapermalehen2 [640x480].jpg
Pair of Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons.

spicercapermalehen3 [640x480].jpg
Pair of Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons.

spicercapermalehen1 [640x480].jpg
Pair of Capercaille by Peter Spicer & Sons.

There are only a few collectors out there with the passion and funds to own such an item.

Red Fox by Peter Spicer. Or should also been known as the "buy it now fox", given the number of serious collectors so "keenly willing" to help the seller out.

Red Fox by Peter Spicer.

Red Fox by Peter Spicer.

Red Fox by Peter Spicer.

Red Fox by Peter Spicer. Very sublte water-colour backdrop.

European Fox by Peter Spicer. This Fox is now known as the Conniston Fox from whence the item was acquired. Perhaps the most sought after item still extant by Peter Spicer and currently not for sale.

spicer casewoodcock[1].JPG
Woodcock by Peter Spicer & Sons.

woodspicer3 [640x480].jpg
Woodcock by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Woodcock by Peter Spicer & Sons from the James Cranfield Collection. Not any more!!!

Woodcock by Peter Spicer & Sons.

DSC09052 [640x480].JPG
Woodcock by Peter Spicer & Sons, data from the case which reads" This woodcock was shot by H.G.T. at Achnaba on Monday 21st January 1929. The silver wedding day of H.J. & M.M. Parsons and their first days shoot at Achnaba. It was the 2nd woodcock shot & came out of the shrubs between the house & the road. (?) Guns, H.J. Parsons, H.G. Thomson and Neil Cameron (Keeper) with M.M.P.& “Ben” Lelp.Bag 11 pheasants, 5 woodcock, 1 snipe, 2 rabbits’.

Raccoon by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Barn Owl with Mouse prey by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Pheasants in a winter scene by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Song Thrush by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Fruit Bat by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Fox head mounted in a case by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Hanging game by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Landscape by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Hound's head by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Hares head by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Robin by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Orange Bishop by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Hanging game by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Pheasants in a summer scene by Peter Spicer & Sons.

Goshawk by Peter Spicer.

Wonderful EF Spicer Roach in bow fronted case. Not as collectible as some of the more established names but this is a fine example of a preserved fish. This case is dated 1936

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