Malloch of Perth, Scottish Taxidermy

Malloch of Perth, Scottish Taxidermy

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Peter Duncan Malloch

Born in 1853 of humble parentage in the little village of Almondbank near Perth, he did not have the advantages of higher education and spent his youthful days in the woods and fishing in the river Almond. By the age of 12 he had a sound knowledge of all the birds and animals in the district. At the age of 14 he was able to mount birds well, make a rod and tie flies. With his brother James as his assistant, he started, at the age of 18, a small taxidermy and fishing tackle business in one room off the High Street in Perth. Business progressed and a shop was opened in the High Street and from there moved in 1903 to Scott Street, where it remained until 1981.
Malloch may be said to have gone further than any other man in explaining the life history of salmon and trout. His knowledge of the movement of these fish and of the flies and insects consumed by the latter, was vast. In his later years he became a great authority on all matters relating to salmon and trout.
He was the first to study the importance of scale markings on salmon, and proved that every period passed in river or sea could be explained by markings on the scale themselves. With his encyclopedic knowledge of insect life, it is not surprising that he achieved much renown as a fisherman. His book, first published in 1910 was such a success that it was reprinted in 1912. It has become regarded as a standard work on the subject and an intrinsic part of any serious fishing library. Peter Malloch died in 1921 at the age of 68
Victorian Salmon by Malloch of Perth.

Victorian Peregrine Falcon by Malloch of Perth.

Victorian Trout in a barrel case by Malloch of Perth.

Trout in a barrel case by Malloch of Perth.

Victorian Scottish gamebirds, Red grouse and Ptarmigan by Malloch of Perth.

Victorian Great Spotted Woodpecker by Malloch of Perth.

Victorian case by Malloch of Perth, containing a male Capercaille

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