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Historical images of taxidermy for no particular reason and in no particular order.

This is just a compilation of imagery collected and donated over the years. Hope you enjoy them. About 200 images to follow within this section.

Victorian & Edwardian Taxidermy.

General taxidermy display.

This is certainly a first in many ways and we are delighted to show-case it here. This as far as we know is the only example of its kind. The specimen has been examined by Errol Fuller a world authority on extinct birds and the British Natural History Museum, who carried out an extensive review of the specimen. It has been stated that there are no other recorded examples of this genus of fruit-dove. After much examination it has been decided that this bird is both a first to science and also extinct simultaneously. The current owner was given the priviledge of naming it, to which the response was, I'd like "Colin". Not seeing the funny side of this it has since been named as "Wilson's Fruit-Dove". Fruit Doves are from the genus (Ptilinopus) of the pigeons and doves (Columbidae) Their traditional homes being Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is this island life which makes them precarious to extinction and many today are threatened with the same fate. Thank you.

heathhen [640x480].jpg
Heath Hen (Extinct March 11, 1932, the last bird known as "Boooming Ben").

RyeGassonMuseumpainting1870 [640x480].jpg
Museum depiction by accident, of the premises of Edwin Gasson of Rye, East Sussex. It's on the left. The reason for the potrayal of the image is to provide a visual insight into day to day life in the 1870's and to show taxidermy perhaps in its social context. The average life-span was 47 at the time. Halcyon days, perhaps and only if you were rich.

Victorian taxidermist by William Woodhouse dated 1857. The person is examining an Oystercatcher, but also look around the room and you get a wonderful window on the past. Species present include, Corncrake, Lapwing, Wigeon, Jay, Merganser and Jackdaw to name but a few. This is clearly a UK taxidermists workshop, but who is it.

Perhaps one of the most iconic taxidermy cases of the victorian period Pugilists by Edward Hart. These are Red Squirrels in anthropomorphic poses. Enjoy.

Aepyornis maximus is commonly known as the 'Elephant bird', a term that apparently originated from Marco Polo's account of the rukh in 1298, although he was apparently referring to an eagle-like bird strong enough to "seize an elephant with its talons".It is widely believed that the extinction of Aepyornis was a result of human activity. The birds were initially widespread, occurring from the northern to the southern tip of Madagascar. This egg is one of the intact examples found in 1904. The Zebra finch egg is for scale.

Victorian curio really. It is now going to be placed in Mellors & Kirk fine art sale as to allow internet and in particular the American bidders who appreciate such items. Note for your diaries is 16th September their fine art sale 2011. Here is a better image.

Robin in a winter scene within a wall hanging dome by C Dawes. Note the typical victorian whimsy of a poor persons cottage. We know some-one who just loves painting cottages as well. His latin name is "Antonius, loverus-stone-bridgeus".

Heath Hens with nest chicks and eggs. These birds are now gone for good (Extinct). Over hunting and habitat loss in America by the early settlers and then development of Martha's vineyard area. This image contains the only reference to Heath Hen chicks that we have encountered taxidermied. Perhaps as a result this case has historical importance.

A typical large diorama in north American hunting stores. This one is located in one of the Cabelas. In 1961, Dick Cabela, with his wife, Mary, and his brother, Jim, turned his kitchen table into the foundation of what would become one of the world's top outfitting companies. The origins of this successful business are traced from Dick's bout with polio to his deep love of fishing and hunting that would inspire him. From one small ad in the back of the Casper Tribune (Wyoming) to an annual mailing of 60 million catalogues, Cabela's has served the needs of two generations of outdoor enthusiasts while remaining, at heart, a family business.

Lappet-faced Vulture or Nubian Vulture (Torgos tracheliotos). Just the head.

heldonrabbit [640x480].jpg
Very nice Horned Owl with prey by Charles Eldon.

Recent News

Duke's auction on Tuesday 13th of April 2010, was the disposal of a large collection of exotic animals. Above is just a small example.

We were also delighted to assit the BBC in their coverage of Dukes Auction and also imput into the "One Show" which will air this Tuesday evening. Lets hope they undertake a sympathetic portrayal of british historical taxidermy. We were more than happy to provide a window into the collecting world and our involvement formed the backbone of the piece. Sincerest thanks to the collector who gave up both his time and extensive knowledge.
Edwardian image of bird hunters beneath a Guillemot / Kittiwake colony. Haunting image of a byegone era and part of a much larger collection of similar images contained within this massive archive. It is unclear from the data whether these birds were for food and or taxidermy. Most likely both.

1960's image of Gerrards employees at the Steptoe & Son film set.

Modern Magpie.

A Victorian collection of cased birds. No need to describe them really as "the relative experts" will already know. Now from the image the case, looks stunning, but as we have found historically its only a 2 dimensional representation. However we have taken the liberty to request detailed images of the case which we will share for those too far away to make the journey and report back. The item is located at Rosebury's auction (London), lot number 1040 and date 9th June 2010. We will also be undertaking a visual inspect prior to purchase. We already own the "sister" case to this one.

Inconclusive image from the auction house, so suggest that you go and pay it a visit to ensure when bidding you don't land a pup. As for the other cases in the lot they are of no consequence. The issue is that if this case sold for say £250, then no matter, but rest assured it is going for a lot more than that, so it needs to be right, I am sure you would agree.

Leatherback Turtle recently sold on Channel 4's Four Rooms for £1250. Subsequently sold to a private collector for £3000, so in that respect we guess the market is "buoyant". Now is that value or merely additional cost.

For those intereted in British Historical elements of taxidemy. Here is Hoards (Horsham-Sussex) premises dated 1902. On this site are his diary recollections dealing with both Spicers, Brazenor and various musuem collections

schwartzsnowyowl [640x480].JPG
Victorian Snowy Owl which appears to be by Frank Schwarz of St. Louis, USA.

hippoinclay [640x480].jpg
Hippo manikin. Just to give you a sense of scale and also the effort involved to create dioramas.

One of the last documented Great Bustards to be shot in the UK at Salisbury 1887.

Wonderful Ackermans Acquatint of Bullocks Museum in Picadilly 1810. So much more detailed then the normal black and white images that we see.

Lowland Gorilla group by McCoy dated 1865. The contents of this case are still extant but in storage.

cumingmuseum [640x480].jpg
The Cuming Museum. Opened to the public in 1906, the Cuming Museum is the result of over 100 years of collecting by father and son, Richard and Henry Cuming. If the depiction is accurate and no reason to suggest that it is not, then the birds displayed in the galleries beyond are very much in the style of Cullingford.

1912 - head0389 copy [640x480].jpg
Some-one very famous in the world of taxidermy collecting. Not a taxidermist but certainly an influential figure. Here he is in 1912 having just completed the first flight from the UK to Ireland, hence the dress.

Leopard cubs by Dawes.

White Pheasant by Hibbs of Ollerton.

Ptarmigan, which looks like the work of Ashmead.

Taxidermist at work.

Fabulous image of the interior of the Bonn Natural History Museum, Germany.

taxi_elephbrus [640x480].jpg
Fabulous image of the interior of the Brussels Natural History Museum, .

Pair of Great Crested Grebes and chick by unknown taxidermist. Available at auction currently.

georgia1918nov [640x480].jpg
Haunting image of 1918 taxidermist stall. Georgia, USA

taxidermyyardlions [640x480].jpg
Full mount African Lions by Carl Akeley. This shows the level of detail in the manakins and also the posed sculptures used for reference. The models were made of clay at the time, unlike the methods used today. This would make a fantastic framed print.

Not really something we would collect but a nice image of perhaps a family pet..

Wigeon by Peter Spicer & Sons. Just a close up so you can admire the quality. Oh not for sale

Kingfisher by Thomas of Gloucester.

Ptarmigan. Nicely posed and detailed. Interesting subject matter and case compilation. Suggested to be by Peter Spicer.

Hobby. Interesting subject matter and case compilation. You might want to go to the Spicer page on this site and see what Spicer Hobby's should look like.

Purple Sandpipers. Acquired in the Shetland Isles circa 1890. Unknown taxidermist.

Taxidermrajah1936eleprep [640x480].jpg
Elephant taxidermy preparation dated 1936. This image shows the work involved in the creation of the manakin alone.

Historical view of the Chilterns Natural History musuem.

chilternsmuseum2 [640x480].jpg
Historical view of the Chilterns Natural History musuem.

Historical view of the Chilterns Natural History musuem.

Trial of a Rat for the death of chick, by William Hart. We have been contacted by the owner of this case for disposal, so interested parties please contact us and we will pass your expressions of interest. This is an important piece of british historical taxidermy and the amount required to own reflects it's status as such. It seems as though this case will be destined for the USA, given the lack of funds in the UK collecting market. This item has now been sold to a collector in the USA.

Lion manakin from Denver Natural History museum.

Lion cub from the Norwich Castle Museum.

Impressive image inside a taxidermist's studio

Preserved Whale Shark. Unfortunately we cannot make out the data other than the length and estimated weight when alive. Wonderful image again and would make an interesting framed print.

Historic display in Brighton.

Historic display in Brighton, in close up.

Welsh collection.

The North Hall Sandringham.

Not exactly taxidermy but perhaps a lesson to those who do not case items and neglect them. This is from a museum. Artistic in its own right.

Palace House, Beaulieu.

Palace House, Beaulieu.

Palace House, Beaulieu.

Reconstruction of a Dodo.

Walter Potter's Kittens Wedding.

European Red Fox.

p337_flaskrud_henry_nd_sheyenne [640x480].jpg
North American taxidermy studio.

North American taxidermy studio.

The Taxidermist.

workroomtaxi [640x480].jpg
Taxidermy museum in British Columbia, Canada.

vicotrianmusBC [640x480].jpg
Taxidermy museum in British Columbia, Canada.

The Taxidermist.

The Tiger Diorama.

Henrik Gronvold, (1858-1940).jpg
Henrik Gronvold 1858-1940.

Texan Taxidermist.

Texan Taxidermist.

albadiroma[1] [640x480].JPG

Hastings ducks.

workroomtaxi [640x480].jpg
General view of a taxidermy studio.

Buzzards with Rabbit prey by Hine of Southport.

African Elephant head during the Edwardian period.

Modern Raven in what appears to be an Edwardian case. Looks like the work of AS Hutchinson of Derby. Nice bird though.

Bird room at the Natural History Museum.

Leopard from Wollaton Hall.

News print of a taxidermist at work.

Copy of frogsondome.jpg
Frogs under to dome.

The process of mounting a Pigeon. This is the same image from the front cover of the Le Pray book on taxidermy.

The process of mounting a Lion.

The process of mounting cases and birds.

Stereoviews of the Chicago Field Museum.

Stereoviews of the Chicago Field Museum.

Stereoviews of the Chicago Field Museum.

Stereoviews of the Chicago Field Museum.

Stereoviews of the Chicago Field Museum.

Stereoviews of the Chicago Field Museum.

fbfinleytaxi [640x480] copy.jpg
FB.Finley Taxidermy shop.

Painting Elephants.

Poster depicting Akerley's strangling of a Leopard in Africa. Somewhat romantic but true all the same

Studio subjects.

Studio subjects. Bobwhite Quail in dome.

PT.Barnum's museum in New York.

bigcatmanakin[1] [640x480].JPG
Preparing big cats.

Preparing Polar Bears by Jonas Brothers.

And they say that taxidermy collectors are a weird bunch. Just don't get it!!!!!!!. Apparently it says Rowland Ward underneath and fresh to the market.

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